Thinking about a Nethserver Cluster

NethServer Version: 7.6
Module: Samba AD / LDAP, PBX, DHCP, DNS

I am thinking about better use and performance with Nethservers…

As the basic i am using XCP-NG 7.6 (as a VM platform its like Xenserver), 2 servers building a smal HA system. In the HA parts runinng some basic VM with Netserver Samba AD, PBX, Mail and most importand files on some Samba/NFS shares.

But some services alows to mirrored like DNS or LDAP or like Windos primary and secondary domain controller (but with samba ;-).

Other Services needs more Power like Nexcloud with OnlyOffice. will be nice to have a load balancer for more VM-Servers on some biger Servers :wink:

But controlled from one Cockpit :wink:

On this Way a small or middrange Company can handel a bigger Netherserver"Cluster"


I never tested clustering with Nethserver. Here are some other threads and docs but it’s not available for V7.

I wrote my diploma-thesis abt a Proxmox 3-Node HA Cluster and Ceph-Storage with Nethserver 7 as a Infrastructure-server inside…

Do you know Proxmox? Maybe this could be a solution for you?


There was also a Video abt to create a HA-Cluster, cannot find it atm, sorry…

edit: ProxmoxVE on Youtube

yes i know an try them :slight_smile: sound good
but i will try XCP-NG and HA Lizard ( I am using Xenserver 7 in the past)

for Primary services AD/DHCP …

You know, there is more than one way to rome… :grinning:

yes and thats fine :slight_smile: so we had a chance to find one thats flying