The REMOVE button is not active (Nextcloud)

NethServer release 7.6.1810 (final)
Nextcloud version 15.0.5

The REMOVE button is not active, I can not click on the delete button.

I also can not enable or disable applications.
The button is simply not pressed.


To remove users? No, you can’t do that in Nextcloud. If that’s not what you’re trying to do, perhaps explain a bit more–I don’t know how many here read Russian.

I’m trying to remove a group from the list

just can not add a new user
delete folders from the “Group folders” application

Accessibility 1.1.0
Activity 2.8.2
Auditing / Logging 1.5.0
Calendar 1.6.4
Collaborative tags 1.5.0
Comments 1.5.0
Contacts 3.0.5
Deleted files 1.5.0
External storage support 1.6.0
File sharing 1.7.0
Files automated tagging 1.5.0
First run wizard 2.4.0
Gallery 18.2.0
Group folders 2.0.4
LDAP user and group backend 1.5.0
Log Reader 2.0.0
Mail 0.11.0
Monitoring 1.5.0
Nextcloud announcements 1.4.0
Notifications 2.3.0
PDF viewer 1.4.0
Quota warning 1.4.0
Retention 1.4.2
Share by mail 1.5.0
Talk 5.0.2
Text editor 2.7.0
Theming 1.6.0
Two-Factor Admin Support 0.2.0
Two-Factor TOTP Provider 2.1.2
Update notification 1.5.0
Versions 1.8.0
Video player 1.4.0

You will not be able to do anything with users or groups from within Nextcloud–that’s all handled through the server manager.

I want to remove the group I created, not ldap
disable applications

<div class = "oc-dialog" tabindex = "- 1" role = "dialog" aria-disabled = "false" style = "display: inline-block; position: fixed; width: auto; height: auto;"> <h2 class = "oc-dialog-title"> Delete "11111" "? </ h2> <a class="oc-dialog-close"> </a> <div id =" oc-dialog-9-content "class =" oc-dialog-content "style =" height: calc (100% - 92px); ">
<p> <span class = "ui-icon ui-icon-notice"> </ span> Really delete "11111" and all attached files? This operation is irreversible. </ P>
</ div> <div class = "oc-dialog-buttonrow twobuttons"> <button> No </ button> <button class = "primary"> Yes </ button> </ div> </ div>

<div class = "oc-dialog" tabindex = "- 1" role = "dialog" aria-disabled = "false" style = "display: inline-block; position: fixed; width: auto; height: auto;"> <h2 class = "oc-dialog-title"> Confirm group deletion </ h2> <a class="oc-dialog-close"> </a> <div id = "oc-dialog-14-content" class = "oc-dialog-content" style = "height: calc (100% - 82px);">
<p> <span class = "ui-icon ui-icon-notice"> </ span> The "1111" group will be deleted, but this will NOT remove users. </ p>
</ div> <div class = "oc-dialog-buttonrow twobuttons"> <button> No </ button> <button class = "primary"> Yes </ button> </ div> </ div>

role = “dialog” does not work
the selection window does not open

As a result, earned by itself,
The problem is how I understood that Roskomnadzor blocked the ip address of Nextcloud in Russia
The reason for blocking was the feud with the “Telegram Messenger”

Now is available

but the problem with access remained is not available in Russia
most providers block access
I use a proxy server to access the site
and on the server for updating because of this

officially letter from Roskomnadzor

We inform you that the decision of the Tagansky District Court of Moscow of April 13, 2017 in case No. 2-1779 / 2018 assigns Roskomnadzor and other persons to stop creating technical conditions for receiving, transmitting, delivering and (or) processing electronic messages of users. the Internet, distributed through information systems and (or) programs for electronic computers, the functioning of which is provided by the Telegram Messenger Limited Liability Partnership.

The Internet resources you specified are located on IP addresses and, which are included in the subnets and, used to ensure the functioning of Internet communication services of the specified organizer of information dissemination on the Internet , as a corresponding notification was sent to the address of the hosting provider.

In order to exclude the network address from the upload, the hosting provider must send a message on the measures taken to stop the creation of technical conditions for the functioning of the Telegram application. Based on this message, Roskomnadzor checks and after confirming this fact, access to the corresponding network address and the information resources located on it is resumed.

For additional information, we recommend that you contact your hosting provider and / or service provider.

It should be noted that in the overwhelming majority of cases, Russian hosting providers comply with the requirements of Russian legislation and rarely allow their resources to be locked.

Consultant hotline for questions
implementation of articles 15.1-15.3 of the Federal Law
“About information, information
technologies and information security”

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Argh! Again. Is not the first time we face the same problem. Just for reference (in case it’s of use to you):

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