Testers needed nethserver-arm img


(Mark Verlinde) #72

Yes, just as befor. After installing nethserver-release run nethserver-install
I think @danb35 is interested to…

Will look into the HC1/. I think we need a newer or vendor kernel for this.
My HC1 is running on an arch linux arm (alarm) kernel.

Yep, thanx for testing!

(Alessio Fattorini) #73

Such a great discussion here. Thanks all for your effort. How can we help?

(Mark Verlinde) #74

Maybe a fedora kernel will do the job:



(Mark Verlinde) #75

you could ask the sys-admins @nethesis about the pro’s and con’s of having a boot and swap partition.

Important to get in to the equation is:

  • The sizes are predefined because we do not know the size of sd /hdd the image we be flashed to.
  • As an consequence the RootFS will be on last partition for easy resizing/growing.
  • U-boot favors to boot the kernel from the first partition although there are way around this: define the UUID where the kernel is located.

Thanx in advance

(Robert Moskowitz) #76

More information on zram:

“It’s created as part of the zram-swap service. The swapon (no options) will show swap details, the zramctl cmd (no options) will show you size, utiliation, compression ratios etc.”

Of course is the zram-swap service even in Centos or would we have to back-port it?

(Mark Verlinde) #77

Here is a start:

(Giacomo Sanchietti) #78

We have similar constraints inside our NethBOX (Nethesis appliances with NethServer). Our partition schema is:

  • vda1: boot 500MB (kernel_limit should be set to 2)
  • vda2: swap 1GB
  • vda3: grow to end of disk
  1. About the RAM, I back @rgmhtt idea to go with ZRAM. Eventually, the user can switch to a SWAP file if needed. To start a 512MB zram should be fine.
  2. First partition should be a simple boot partition. We use XFS both for root and boot, but I think you can choose everything you want. My advice is to choose the same FS type for both partitions.
    We do not handle UEFI machines, so we do not need an extra boot partition.
    Just copy what CentOS or Fedora do :wink:
  3. Root partition at end is good

I’d like to publish a beta ARM image when 7.6 will be out! :smile:

(Robert Moskowitz) #79

Would a ZRAM of 512MB be acceptable with a 1GB ram arm board? Eventually I can test this on my Cubieboard2s.

The referenced howto is beyond my skills. I would need something much easier to set up. I am going to dig into what F29 is doing. I suspect they are running it as a systemd service.

As for Centos 7.6: Do you know of an anticipated availability date? Particularly for the arm image?

(Mark Verlinde) #80

Oke, zram swap is the first option to pursuit. Do not know it and will investigate.

As said must get familiar with zram, but one of the motivating reasons to get rid of the swap partition is to be able to alter the swap size at will.

Oke we will keep the boot partition with a little bit of reluctance because still have found no arguments why it is preferred. Note most distributions do not use a boot partition in conjunction with u-boot.

In future it would be a preferred goal for me to boot all arm devices trough UEFI. This would make the boot process uniform for all architectures. Except (limited) UEFI functionality is provided by u-boot.

FC29 moved to this too:

I’ll guess you mean how fedora/cantos do it on x86-64. As said on arm it quite different and to my like.

That sounds like a plan, so we go for it! :+1:

If we are done before the centos-arm 7.6 nothing will stop us to release beta based on 7.5.1804 centos.

(Robert Moskowitz) #81

I will be investigating what F29 is doing. Perhaps we can follow that, though of course they will be on a newer version.

Is you mention, F29 makes a strong case for it for booting UEFI. I seem to remember a thread with Peter Robinson on this early in the F29 (then rawhide) release when I asked about the vfat partition.

Learn from F29-arm.
Push Centos-arm to adopt directly what makes sense. (see my zram post there).
Add whatever else we need think works here.

Or some such. :slight_smile:

(Robert Moskowitz) #82

See my post on zram on the zram howto thread:

(Alessio Fattorini) #83

:rainbow: :heart: it would be great! And you will make @mark_nl and the @arm_team so happy!

(Robert Moskowitz) #84

You must have some inside information on the progress of 7.6. For us regular Centos people all we hear is, “it will be released when it is ready.” :wink:

(Giacomo Sanchietti) #85

We don’t :slight_smile: But we can manage the release of NethServer 7.6 :wink:

(Robert Moskowitz) #86

I built a HD with:


Went through firstboot fine, I am logged in as root on the serial console on my Cubietruck. My IP address is

From my F29 arm system on, I try to connect to:

And that does not work; I figured that I needed https. Wow is that default cert weird. I wonder if we can do better. If nothing else we need to move to ECDSA!

Set root’s password? What if I had already done this from the serial console, would I have to change it again?

I DO NOT APPRECIATE YOUR PASSWORD REQUIREMENTS. Fedora Initial Setup is very happy with my password of choice, giving it a good rating. And you don’t even give the password rules. Humph.

Set timezone? Why is not Detroit in the list here? It is in the tz file…

And I am in to the config…

I have two projects: Replace my ClearOS and my RSEL mailserver.

My Cubietruck should be up to replacing ClearOS for my 3 client systems. I will tackle that first as I decide which system to get for the mailserver replacement.

Get me what I need to convert to zram, and I will test switching to that as well…

Meanwhile I am going to figure out what I need to install to get the gnome DE and set up vncserver.

(Mark Verlinde) #87

No, only if it is the default (Nethesis,1234)

Rules are quite strict, meanwhile i’m used to it…

Sorry, I do not know. have to look in to this.

A gross description:

  • yum install zram
  • disable swap (swapoff -a)
  • edit /etc/fstab and comment out the “swap line”
  • systemctl start zram-swap
  • systemctl enable zram-swap

Thank you for testing and feedback!

(Robert Moskowitz) #88

I won’t get into password strict fights. I will see what I can do so it works for me…

timedatectl set-timezone America/Detroit

From the console works. Guess I just missed it in way your list works…

Other than it is ‘swapoff -a’, I am up now with zram. I will work out a sed command to comment out the swap line.

/dev/zram0 lz4         959.4M   4K   64B    4K       2 <swap>

Nice that you already have zram in your repo! Send your rpm directly to Pablo so he can try it out.

(Robert Moskowitz) #89

Actually not hard:

sed -i -e "/swap/s/^/# /w /dev/stdout" /etc/fstab

With all this, you can wrap it up in a script and make it generally available as a Nethserver feature…

(Robert Moskowitz) #90


setting-up-a-pdc over in Support…

Do you have nethserver-dc available for the generic image?

(Thierry Harribey) #91

Hi there!
seems to work for testing purpose for me.

Not sure to use it for production though… :slight_smile:
I could use it for minor light non-critical tasks.
Anyone does?