Tell me more about your NethServer installations!

Currently I have installed three NethServer, including my company.

In the future one will install more, several companies are seeking the security of your data and your employees’ web access.

I hope soon increase NethServer installation.

My company incorporated in NethServer OTRS.

Thanks @AZChas great and exciting overview!
A briefly comparison PFSense vs NethServer could be very useful for people who know just the former.

Nope @alefattorini
Quadcopter drones are also in my roadmap :smile:

Any other example!? Come one people! We have thousands of installations all around the world! Where are they? :wink:

Ok, i’m jumping in the fire !

Here, at IMAO SAS, we are using Nethserver for full and fonctionnal mail stack and some customs paranoid firewall rules.
I’m using NS at work. We are doing Aerial Data Acquisition.
Host computer has 4vCPU and 4Go of RAM. (virtual machine)
We are 40 peoples… so 40 emails boxes + lots of aliases + multidomains…

We have AD 2008 wich works as a file server and as a LDAP directory.
My goal was to use LDAP auth for the mail stack and the SOGo webmail.

Everything is working well.
I plan to use Nethserver in the futur to replace the AD. (if it’s possible because of Microsoft software we are using for pictures processing)


We are using NethServer as the LAN/WAN gateway in our company.
Pegatron Motherboard
Core i5
2 NICS (Onboard plus one PCIe)

NethServer Manages: 30 users, is member of a windows domain.
NethServer Provides: Squid and virtualization enviroment (WebVirtMgr…kvm-libvirt)
Now we are testing Windows virtual machines inside NethServer…


I will deploy Nethserver also as Gateway LAN / WAN and DMZ (ERP system) at company headquarters.

150 users
HP ProLiant ML380 Gen8 v2
Intel Xeon E3-1220v2 Quad-Core 3.1 Ghz
8GB Ram
500GB HD

I come from Zentyal which removed many modules in the new versions.

I liked the easy setup, stability and great community support.

After it is fully functional, will deploy it in other 5 buildings distributed in the country.


@pierre_bourdin @cronopio @alexcsilva thanks very much for your trust in NethServer! Real and great installations here, hope your sharings could be helpful for everyone!

After 1 month I’m betting we have more examples to share here, as I said

Community IS share our experience, our tests and our know-how, I’m just wondering what kind of NethServer installation do you have.

I am using Nethserver for mail and sharing (owncloud).



Good to know! Could you please be more verbose? :smiley: as the replies above? Talks us about hardware, users …


Server: FUJITSU Modell:PRIMERGY TX100 S1
CPU Modell:4 x Intel® Xeon® CPU X3220 @ 2.40GHz
8GB RAM 2 x 1.5 TB HDD Raid1
5 Users

Installed Features:

Samba Audit
Collectd Graph Panel
Collectd Web
DNS and some others




I’ve got two NethServer community version running at home. The primary is a file server that hosts pictures, movies and recorded tv shows. The secondary is the primary back up server. They replaced two Zentyal boxes where the software was aging and unfortunately (for Zentyal) their software wasn’t going in the direction for what I needed. I haven’t payed too much attention to the servers recently because they just work. I’ve had no issues with file sharing with Samba or NFS. One server has been up for more than 150 days and the backup server has been up for 4. I just discovered that it must have rebooted during a power brown out. I didn’t even notice (inadequate UPS’ at the moment).

I occasionally visit to see how far along NethServer is progressing, I’m hoping to use it to replace my last Zentyal box that’s currently being used as my gateway to the internet. This has a lot of specific tweaks and setting to it; i.e. OpenVPN, PPTP and complex firewall rules. Migrating from Zentyal to NethSrver from this box will be tricky as I have to minimize the down time as much as possible. Unhappy wife is an unhappy life.

Ahaha that’s TRUE man! Thanks for sharing you’re experience is really interesting!
Do you manage servers at work too? Or just at home?

I’m an Admin on a few RedHat servers though I don’t really manage them. That’s handled by another dept. I mostly manage what I have at home. It’s an elaborate setup, 3 wireless AP’s; two Win 7 media centers running MCE (horrible crap they are, trying to move it to RPi2 with OpenELEC). A separate Win 7 PC with Cygwin installed and a Chromebook I mostly use. Debating on building a separate Dev server as I’ve been using my Backup NethServer to build devel builds of OpenELEC and it takes forever to build. Not enough horsepower.

Below a screenshot showing my hardware. I use NS at home where I have one PC running windows 10, one MAC, 2 nodes elastix server cluster. I use NethServer as a true all in one (gateways, file server, mailserver, VPN, ownclod & webserver). I know it is a good practice to separate gateways from other, it is for this reason that I am planning to setup a second NS server that will acts as gateway (I need to find some time to do that though…). I also have a 3TB external hardrive connected to NS where I store all my files.


Great! Are you using this just for home or for bussiness too?
You can leave everything on one hardware, no problem :wink:

One more Nethserver gateway/firewall here in Brazil.

This one is on a Dell PowerEdge T110 II with a Pentium G850 @2.90Mhz 8 Gb ram.
It will enter in action tomorow.!!

It have 3 NICs.
1 for WAN (red)
1 for green ( with various vlan ) for various levels web filtering
1 for blue, with the Ubiquity Controler and five UAPs

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here my share.

this NS is for home use only, for lab and play around for the modules i want to deploy to my office. :smile:


i’m new entry in this community.
I have done an easy installation of NethServer by using VirtualBox.
I have created a VM that running 2 GB of RAM and one core.
NethServer ask me to change password and so i m begginning to install modules