Switching to btrfs boot device

NethServer Version: v7

G’day everyone,

first of all: I really like the all new NS7. Thanks for all the excellent work.
When I set up my server a couple of months ago, I wanted to use btrfs as filesystem but RAID5 support is still broken so I had to use xfs. I’ve also encrypted my HDDs which adds another layer of complexity. The attached image shows the structure:

Now I’ve decided to try the “synology way”: LVM and btrfs. I’ve created another logical volume named “centos-root-btrfs” and copied the content from my xfs-LV “centos-root” to it. My next step was changing /etc/fstab (but it seems the content is ignored) and using grubby to change the boot arguments “rd-lvm.lv” and “root”. No problems so far but when I boot using the new settings it fails to mount /sysroot because of an unknown filesystem “btrfs”.
Does anyone know how to add btrfs-support to the initramfs-image? Is it enough to add

add_drivers+=“btrfs libcrc32c crc32c_intel”

to /etc/dracut.conf? Maybe use update-initramfs? Or create a new one with dracut?

I’d appreciate every help. Thx :smiley: