Suggestions on how to sync Nextcloud data to external S3 storage

Cloud or on premises?

On premise.
I have already tested with another S3 backup software (Iperius backup) from the outside and it works fine. I also tried with the following command and everything works.

db backups set [nome-backup] restic VFSType s3 BackupTime ‘15 7 * * *’ CleanupOlderThan never Notify error NotifyTo root@localhost status enabled Prune always S3AccessKey [utente] S3Bucket [bucket] S3Host https://[host] S3SecretKey ‘[password]’ status enabled

Unfortunately it doesn’t work as a cockpit.
Maybe I need to reconfigure to be more like AmazonS3? I didn’t quite understand how to do it.

Yes, it’s just the check that does not work in some cases.

If you find a way to reconfigure it, it would be great.
Former problems were about bad certificate.