Sudo command stuck for module wife 1.0


I need support on module wife 1.0:

Yesterday I tried the following on the command line:

get -w beer -cl fridge -tl sofa -p immediate

-w wish
-cl current location
-tl target location
-p priority

I got the following error message:

forget it, you are to fat

Does anybody know what that does mean?
Afterwards I tried:

sudo get -w beer -cl fridge -tl sofa -p immediate

but nothing append at all. It looks like the system freezes …

Any help?


There’s a serious bug hardwired into code. Which is written into ROM. Not EPROM. Not Flash.

The bug briefly says
The partner is wrong, full stop
I think that’s quite close to unsolvable.


It look a good ness that the system freeze… the beer is cold!
Take it yourself.


I thougth, I found a joke on my own … Thanks for destrying my illusion :joy:

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