Subscription & SOGo

If I buy a subscription does that mean I would have Nethserver ‘Enterprise’?

I ask because I would like to use a CardDAV and CalDAV server for contacts and calendar etc. I prefer SOGo for this over WebTop. What would happen if I had a subscription and want to keep using SOGo? Would there be no updates? Would there be no help? Would I need to use WebTop or is there another Card and CalDAV server solution?


No, you have a community with subscription. If you need a NethServer Enterprise you need to contact

Did you try webtop? It support carddav/caldav as well.
SOGO is not supported by subscription you can keep it but you can’t receive professional support
You will receive updates thanks to our module supported by the community


Thanks for that info, I don’t think I need Enterprise then!

What is supported with a subscription? Other that SOGo what will you not be able to help me with?

Yes, I have looked at WebTop. To be honest it has a very poor user interface. SOGo is much better, it is simpler to use and modern looking. I didn’t have to read any instructions to make SOGo work. It took me a long time with WebTop and eventually I discovered the ‘admin’ user doesn’t have full access!

I really don’t need the WebTop features, only calendar and contacts and whether using WebTop or SOGo we will use desktop or mobile applications, never the web interfaces. But if I need to make changes via the web interface I want to be able to do so quickly without having to read the manual!


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All software except those in nethforge and external repositories like mine (you can still install them on your own). The subscription repository, is the same but with a delay of few days, so updates are approved and tested by the developers and the community.

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