Sub folders not showing up in mail clients

NethServer Version: 7.6.1810
Module: dovecot/Webtop/vmail

Folders under Inbox are not shown in Thunderbird or Outlook but I can see them in Webtop. A folder I created under Inbox in Thunderbird or Outlook shows up the other mail client and Webtop.

Is your mailclient (TBird or Outlook) subscribed to all directories?

Webtop subscribes automatically subfolders. If you want to show them into Thunderbird or Outlook you need to subscribe them with the dedicated menu or from Roundcube.

You are both probably right but when I try to add the subscriptions from Thunderbird is nothing saved. When I restart the client does the list of folders flash by quickly in the folder pane but then disappears.

Is an option to create another profile in Thunderbird as test?

I think I found the problem. It had a huge syncing going on in the background. When I came back to the computer today did it work to subscribe to the folders.