Structure .rst file (Help Files) / La Estructura de los archivo .rst, (Archivos de Ayuda)

Agree, thanks @jgjimenezs for your work… maybe choosing the same editor (github) for a howto could help.
Anyway, that’s a good start thanks for point it out


Happy mothers day!

I’m translating directly into GitHub as I go if not going well for @davidep

If I misguided in translations from GitHub me know.

Regards :coffee:

Good!! @davidep will be certainly happy about it! Really appreciated :smile:
Happy mother’s day :sunny:

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I advance translations.

I think we need the help of ddclient module

@davidep @alefattorini

Now I’ll take the day to be with family.



What are doing friend? Like it :+1:

@jgjimenezs I see your amazing changelog on GitHub :open_mouth:

If you like, I’m here for helping on any GitHub issue.

Please share your feelings and experienge about the tool! How does it go with GitHub? Do you think it is sustainable for accomplish the .rst translation task?

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Thanks for your help is very important.

For me it is much better to translate files online from GitHub.

With time spent can be translated and then check to edit details.

Yes. is sustainable do translations in GitHub. unless they change methods

Regards :coffee:

Advance translations of .rst

17 of 53 files translated from GitHub.

After completing the translations I will verify each file for possible errors and correct them in time.


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Go @jgjimenezs Go!

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Pass me the link to the github so i can help you

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Tienes cuenta en GitHub?

I created a repository fork of @davidep

I can add you as a partner, if you have an account on GitHub, If you do not have an account, create it and you send me your username


Si mabeleira es la cuenta

When we make translations and at the end we will use the following comments:

Spanish translation
Update Spanish translation
partial Spanish translation

I use “Update Spanish translation” when the file is already translated .rst by @davidep and I corrected one that other details.

Perfecto ya te voy a agregar. Bienvenido a bordo. Amigo

@davidep @alefattorini We have another collaborator for translations in GitHub. @mabeleira :tada:

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@mabeleira ya puedes ver los archivos .rst en GitHub?

@mabeleira esta es la ruta:


Perfecto ya lo tengo, tengo que ver un poco como funciona el sistema, pero
me pongo con eso.

@mabeleira aquí @davidep nos coloco la ayuda de GitHub.