Still no easy way for outsider to find info OR anything about NS8

So, you are a new or existing user, heard of v8 coming eventually and trying to find info about it.
It is SO difficult to find any, that it looks like it’s actually on purpose!

Nothing on main site.
Nothing on download (maybe a link to the guide to try NS8… I actually cannot find that guide any more!).
Nothing in Documentation (at least I didn’t find anything, it definitely isn’t easy).
Nothing in News (!!!).
Nothing I could find in Wiki too (again, if there is, it is not easy to find).

In community, I cannot even find the long threads made for NS8, or (again) the guide on how to alpha test it (that I remember I saw and even tried on a VM months ago).
Even “v8” tag, I think this here is just the fourth (!!!) time any thread uses it, in the whole community.

We had that discussion before and you guys yourselves admitted, news on the development of NS8 should and would be more open to the public.
Not only this hasn’t happened …it is like it is hidden on purpose.

Anyway, I hope this changes soon.

PS. Even that the last ISO is from… 3 years ago, is bad marketing. Us actually using NS7 know that it has steady updates all this time, but again, someone not using it yet and looking to find a self contained server etc. finds a project that LOOKS (note the word) abandoned.

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I know, I eventually found that.
But note my intro text.
This is not something someone will easily find and even easily read.

Sometimes being “inside” makes us forget how things look from “outside”.

How easy should it be for folks to find a pre-pre-pre-release piece of software? It certainly isn’t top secret information, but (IMO) it’s hardly something that should be on the Nethserver download page.

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but its pre-pre release f software thats aleady in existence.
generally some outside scope on info needs to start being available, change cycles in organizations for softwares and solutions like these do take a while, for a company that is looking for a solution simila rto nethserver, they are starting their search now for maybe end of next year, so having information available early on enough will get those organizatons hooked



  • People that are looking for small business server, will see a product “last updated” in 2020.
    (even though that 2020 core, is still updated from time to time and a major release is cooking)
  • People that know about NethServer, trying to see if there are new plans, will not even find them.
  • People that have even heard about NS8, ALSO will not be able to find (proper) mention about it being developed.
  • People that USE NethServer, KNOW NS8 is under development, will still have a hard time to follow the project. Github trello page is nice, but even directing people to look to github ns8-core, is missing.

It is not just “not communicating NS8”, it is actually like trying to hide it.
People that are inside a project many times forget how it looks (or doesn’t) from outside.

I’ve searched the wiki for ‘ns8’ and this popped up:[]=ns8


Admin’s manual

You’re right, it’s not easy at the moment.
Here you can find some resources[]=ns8

And this page is a good starting point for who don’t know the project
What would you suggest?

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next step would be for the to be linked/reachable from main web-page (or one of its sections).

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As we are approaching the first, public, beta release we’re soon to update the web site too.

A deeper rework of the web site is likely to come at a later step.


Thank you.

am curious, would you kindly provide a documentation or a way to deploy and install Docker based application onto this instance, will provide a way to properly test use cases with dockerr apps that are currently being used by community and many other things.

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No, I think it is not matter for the main web site. The developer’s manual should contain the information required to build a module for NS8.

As a RPM from EPEL or Remi does not make a NS7 module by itself, a container image from Docker Hub does not make a NS8 module: the integration with the NethServer system is up to the module developer.


I agree with the original comment in this thread. I am not a NS user (Zentyal) but joined this forum a few months when I heard ns8 would run on debian as Zentyal is not being updated.
I have found it difficult to work out the status/progress of the project as there does not seem to be a central reference point to find info. I will try the public beta when it is released.

You’re going to have new info very sooon!! And a new toy you can play with