Stephdl repository offline, no fallback

NethServer Version: NS7
Module: stephdl rpm’s

Today there seems to be a problem with the repository of @stephdl
This means that any module that is hosted on this repo, is not available for install or update. More and more members rely on this repo.
So I think it would be a good idea if there would be some kind of fallback for this repo so services don’t break when the stephdl repo is offline.

So my questions would be: Do we all acknowledge this risk?
What would be the best method to create some kind of fallback in case the repo is offline?

This would be the case for all NS repositories… I started this merely because at the moment there is a problem with the repo. (not available atm)


First I would prefer to understand what it occured on your side…my repos is reachable yet.

To check it quickly you have an applet in the dashboard…green and red state

This morning I played with rspamd and during few minutes the load increased a lot…maybe your issue was during this time.

Normally my server could survive to the web users even if it is about 15K users per month (sme server, nethserver, archlinux) and about 10K for my web site

To answer your question we could think to create mirrors of my repository…but it is not good for my ego…i will become a bad guy :smiley:


Thnx @stephdl for the response. Personally I doubt it was just “my side”.
I checked from 3 different locations: 1 VPS running in a DC in Germany, 1 physical server running on a static IP and my home server running several instances of NS7. All reported your repo was not available.
As you mentioned, probably during the increase of load this morning. After a few minutes the repo was available again.
Ego’s are there to step passed… .:stuck_out_tongue:

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I have some mirrors running. There’s place to host another repo…


I run three VMs in a proxmox host and we have had the same loss at the same time. I bet for this

Soyoustart is not as safe that I thought first. I ran two net outages in a few time, including one which occurred a whole morning.

i agree with rob

@stephdl if you want, of course also my mirror is available for your repo


Of course, we can host a mirror into official NethServer infra! :wink:


I’m not sure in this case a mirror structure could help here. My host server was cut of internet and of course the VM were online.
The repository definition gives a mirrorlist you could find at hosted by the main repository.
For my sake, what is the behaviour if the list cannot be found, I suppose if the yum cache is still valid, the server will update after a cached repository, else yum will fail.

Only way I see is having some baseurls as fallback…


Exactly, the last manual workaround is to enable the baseurls as suggested by @mrmarkuz