Stephdl needs our love ❤

I want to ask the whole community to make a donation to @Stephdl repository!
This man deserves all our acknowledgment and help.

I’ll tell you more, every donator will receive a NethServer shirt!
Because if you give money to Steph you really LOVE NethServer



Who’s who on this pict ? :slight_smile:

@syntaxerrormmm’s crew: @paspo @pfinardi and others.

Great Idea to help people that help you all (Nethserver Team and the whole Community)! :thumbsup:

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Indeed, @ambassadors_group we have to get Steph’s back :slight_smile:

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Yes indeed!!! Steph’s contribution to this project is awesome. :medal:
And it’s a great idea to help him. So let’s do it. :slight_smile:


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