SSL certificate

hi guys
i just bought an ssl certificate from rapidssl
how can i install it into the server

i think i did something wrong
after i added the custom certificate and i hit this coomand

signal-event certificate-update

i couldn’t access the nethserver dashboard anymore

i got 2 files from rapidssl
certificate.crt and intermediate.crt
to get back to dashboard i had to use these command to remove custom certificate

db configuration setprop pki CrtFile ''
db configuration setprop pki KeyFile ''
db configuration setprop pki ChainFile ‘’

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Hany have you made this work?

There’s no separate .key file available on the rapidssl user portal?

yes Nas i did that

So you could describe this procedure :wink:

i obtained the .csr file fro the server
registered the ssl certificate
installed the custom certificate
after that Apache server was down including webmail , dashboard and everything
i searched for how to delete the custom certificate through the command line
thanks god i was sable to access dashboard again

rapidssl have this tutoarial
the guy from rapidssl said , rapidssl does NOT provide private key file , you gonna use the file generated during CSR generation

That’s correct, you should never “move” the private key from the server.
You need to locate the keyfile, certificate and intermediate, and set paths as per documentation.
As a reference here’re the values on my system:


i did it
thanks so much

for those that have issues with this, dont single quote the file when adding to the DB. took me the last 2 hours to figure that out lol

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Thanks for the hint!

Would you mind replying to this topic?