Squid cache and https

The purpose of SSL is not to have user privacy but to monitor better the users…
For example G*e or Faook or the new “smart” Tv is sure how many times we “click” something and monitors us better what and when we see something . If the requests are succefully proxyed , the real user may be “hidden” and only the proxy seen .

Also it is a way to push users pay faster internet lines because the requests have to be
redownloaded over and over again from every user (even at home )


Is SSL was an option and was used only for online money transactions etc I would fully agree
that it should not be “proxyed”

AHAHAHAHAHA o my god …really are you joking us?
you can not be serious…“https aka the new Chemtrail conspiracy”

my friend… I’ll try to answer you seriously doing my best to stay so, but I can’t promise I’ll be able to do so

first of all, if you don’t want to be traced and you really think your solution will work, I’m sorry to say that you’re totally wrong… the only way not to be traced is to poweroff your pc, cut its power cord, throw away your mobile phone, your CC, your car (with automatic toll pay system) and move to live on an high mountain, far away.
all other measures are useless and (that’s the worst part) they give you a false sense of security…

that said… decrypting SSL is technically doable in a almost trivial way, but it’s really a bad thing…
from your name I guess you’re from Grecia and you’d know that EU has strong laws regarding privacy

SSL is not used for money transactions only…
Let’s say I’m your IT manager and you an user of mine… according to laws, I can see which sites you visit but I can’t use such info against you… I mean, I can’t call you in my office and say “Dionisis, I saw you spent some time on youporn, please stop” because it’s illegal
I can use the info I gather to modify my firewall/proxy rules and avoid you to go to youporn.

Let’s say I decrypt SSL and so take a look at WHAT you see inside a site… I’d discover you have a cancer, the number of your CC, your religious or sexual tendence. this is, I repeat myself, illegal

so, premising that you’d really start to study how SSL works, why we are using it, and, above all, how all the sites out there are tracing us (nothing to do with ssl), I strongly suggest you to clarify what’s your aim, 'cause, inverting our position (you are my IT boss, and I am an user of yours), if I just know what you’re doing, you’ll discover the difference between an hair dryer and a 357 magnum (this is a cite from a funny guy), if you know what I mean :wink:

finally, an opinion on how this topic has been treated here: giving technical explanation about something technically doable but illegal without any kind of advice against such a practice is a bad thing… ethically speaking, it’s really a bad thing to do and unprofessional.

I’m quite surprised nobody spent a second (but me) about it.

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/offtopic on
I am glad that I made you laugh

I just want to remind you that in this topic we discuss how to do manually something that
was done by Nethserver for years (except the last version) with the single click of a button…
/offtopic off

My aim is web caching and I would be happy to have here all the modifications that help
caching (especially the https sites that now are uncachable) if the Nethserver admins agree with that.

I was against that feature since NS was born… and if you search here maybe you’ll fine my other posts

I think it’s not illegal, if you inform your users about it.
@dpapa For your own safety write a document with the info what are you doing and let everybody who use the proxy sign it.

you can inform your users that you’ll monitor internet traffic, indeed

in any way, you can’t:

  • decrypt SSL to see/monitor/cache the content
  • use gathered info directly (see my previous post)

this is something related to EU laws