Spectre, Meltdown, the Intel exploit and main stream "hack writers" / self proclaimed "experts"

I thought that some people might be interested about having just spent four and half hours researching, as well as writing a 500+ word article examining the recent reported exploits only to realise that there are a lot of main stream news and technology agencies / “experts” that are conflating these issues.

A number of news agencies are suggesting that the Intel Active Management Technology (Intel Management Engine) exploit and Meltdown are in fact the same vulnerability.

Whilst other agencies are making direct connections between Spectre and Meltdown, as well as providing false and conflicting assumptions about these exploits.

Now my head hurts I am becoming mildly infuriated due to these main stream “journalists” / “hack writers” misrepresenting the actual issues.

This only proves that you shouldn’t believe everything that the main stream writes.

Now I am going to make myself a coffee, light a cigarette and then scream until I go blue in the face (and hopefully pass-out in a puddle of my own vomit).

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Fully understand your situation and your points. Unfortunately this is not going to be mitigated in any ways sooner.

Mainstream media should acknowledge they cannot talk about technical issues without involving tech people, or they completely fail to cope with their main goal (clarify news and things happened); this is not also the case with ICT/Security, it has also to do with other subjects (e.g. vaccines, gender theories, GMOs and so on). What they usually achieve is providing FUD to everyone, furthering confusion much more.

Unfortunately I don’t have any solution to the issue. Probably removing economical interests on news companies could help but it cannot completely eliminate the issue.


I fully agree with your points and whilst NS forum might not be the most suitable place to air these grievances (which is why I usually use minds.com to explorer and further discus these type of issues), I do believe that other people should be made aware of the extent of news manipulation committed by these main stream “news” agencies and there needs to be an open discussion about this form of manipulation / “fake news” reporting (as is being committed by the “trusted” and “objective” main stream industry).

As stated above, I would not usually publish these sort of comments on a forum such as NS, but due to reasons of frustration and annoyance (when I gave up on attempting to write my article which tried to explain the above exploits). I thought that it would be useful for others to be reminded about the issues surrounding “fake news”, the main stream reaction and approach to this subject, as well as the current issues surrounding the reporting of non factual and inaccurate information.

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Thank you for pointing this out and reminding us as this is a problem mass media has since it’s existence.

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