Speaking of Badlock

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From Mexico @MrE question about it:

Speaking of badblock …

Is there any survey where you they ask how was Nethserver users with bug-badblock and if they caused some disruption so strong as to jeopardize their sales / post?

Yet I do not learn how to polls / surveys, but also occurs to me to ask and serve as feedback to those responsible for this project, and even help users-no-hackers to take preventive measures before such disruptive upgrades as mentioned.

I think the survey should be multilingual, or at least in English.


We didn’t take such survey. I think because Badblock was an upstream bug. We had an announcement on this forum and there we followed all the story.

Luckily, problems like this occurs rarely. This is the reason because NethServer updates are manual: the admin is responsible for them.

As suggested on the thread, I didn’t applied the upstream update to my customers until RedHat fixed their RPMs. Maybe the release of CentOS 6.8 slowed down the fix release and we had to wait more weeks for that.


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@alefattorini if you believe this, make it! don’t worry be ‘hippie’

This is a nethserver bus


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