Spam logging verbosity

Now, amavisd runs with minimum logging:

$log_level = 0;              # verbosity 0..5, -d

because this is the default.
But I miss some details, especially the spam rules details. As a workaround, I look for rules in email headers, but this is not always possible (i.e. when you have an internal mail server).
Moreover, some utilities / log analyzers / statistics generators need at least $log_level = 2 to work.

I’d like to change NethServer default to 2, the logfile size increase is not big (size doubles, but we’re talking about small volumes) but for every processed email we gain lines like:

No, score=-2.507 tagged_above=-100 required=5 tests=[BAYES_00=-1.9, DKIM_SIGNED=0.1, DKIM_VALID=-0.1, 
=-0.001, RP_MATCHES_RCVD=-0.608, SPF_PASS=-0.001] autolearn=ham autolearn_force=no

I’m using a templates-custom file since last July, no side effects apart a log size (25Mb/week before, 50Mb/week after).

Note: I’m used to spamd logging, I’d like to have something similar with amavisd.

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+1 for this change, I know that @zamboni and @Nas are very interested in such improvement, isn’t it?
We already talked about this in the past:

well, think about a spammy discarded email and a user that calls you asking for the reason…
actually, no trace in the logs… and that’s definitely bad.

so, please, patch it asap or, at least, make the log level a db variable so everybody can choose

I’d prefer not to add a db variable, but simply change the default log level.


should I need to increase it for debug purpose, I’d rather prefer a

config setprop

followed by a signal-event, instead of editing a conf file or create a custom template…

that’s why db/templating/event paradigm stand for

I agree, I’d like to leave the default as is and add a prop to increase the verbosity when need :smile:

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“When needed” is always too late if you’re debugging a lost email.
We always had spamd logging, now we’re missing it because of amavisd.
I can live with a prop, but its default should be “logging enabled”.

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ok, point taken.

so, the best way to manage this situation is:

  • make 2 the default loglevel
  • give the possibility to increase/change log verbosity

As support guy I’m with @filippo_carletti, increasing the log AFTER is always too late.
Edit: I see no downside to having this as a default

neither me, indeed…

in other words, the log level MUST be at least 2 as default value

but I’d like the possibility to increase it via a simple db entry, that’s all

Issue filed:

I do: double space needed on disk :smile:

If @filippo_carletti’s numbers are correct move from 650mb to 1,3 GB in a year, on a mailserver, it’s no big deal imho :smile: