Some users cannot login to Openvpn

My configuration is upside down…

LAN ----- > (second NIC) nethserver (first NIC) -------------(ROUTER)-----------(INTERNET)

LAN ----- > (second NIC (GREEN)) nethserver (first NIC (RED)) -----(ROUTER)------(INTERNET)

Have all the ports from the router to the Nethserver’s RED been turned?
Have you checked that there are no blocks on the router that only allow access to certain IPs/IP blocks?

Or does the Nethserver RED have a static public IP?
Is the subnet mask of the Nethserver RED correct?

I have answered to you comments

(Non so piu’ che inventarmi…)

Anybody got any other ideas?


Did you activate the Threat Shield module in Nethserver?

If so, check in the log that there is no IP of that connection that doesn’t work.

I enabled web proxy, web content filter and IPS.
And i have set Manual for Mode for green zones and trusted networks.

if not I think the internet connection TIM (italian) is blocking me something.