Some questions about nethserver


We have a small business that wants to use nethserver as its server os. We had bad experiences with Office 365 and want to conigure our own server primarly as a file server with vpn. In the future we are looking to configure ownCloud.

I have some questions about the nethserver though:

  • Is it possible to make automatic backups onto another PC through network which stands somewhere else geographically speaking?
  • Is it recommended to install the nethserver on an already installed CentOS 7 (or should it be CentOS 6.7)?
  • Is there a possibility to configure shadow copies for the file system (server)?
  • Are there any recommended antivirus programms for nethserver?

From what I saw in the documentation I think the nethserver is exactly what I was looking for and looks like a really cool project.


Ehi @craaaft
happy to hear from you and welcome among the NethServer Tribe! :laughing:

you can look to some discussions here about Office 365
Moving from office365 to NethServer at school

coming back to your questions

  • not currently but it’s very requested, obviously in the meantime you can obtain the same result playing with rsync or duplicity following this topic Backup-data-cloud by @filippo_carletti
  • we recommend the NethServer 6.7 or at least CentOS 6.7, btw NethServer 7 alpha2 is coming
  • no, but wnCloud includes the versioning support that as far as I know is pretty similar.
  • clamav is already built-in, do you need anything else?

Happy to read this, stay around, make this your place, share your plans and goals and offer your feedback on what happens here.

Thanks for the quick reply.

  • Thanks for the link. I will check it out soon. I guess I will do the backup on an external hard drive in the mean time.
  • Ok, but I guess there are no advantages to installing NethServer on CentOS as opposed to installing NethServer as stand-alone os.
  • Yes, ownCloud does have versioning. Since we are not yet sure about using ownCloud, since it could have synchronizastion problems (a problem which we encountared with O365 and OneDrive for Business), we would like to have some kind of versioning on our file server. Is this something that will be implemented in the future or is this not requested by the community?
  • No I guess that is enough. Just didn’t knew which antivirus program is standard in linux distributions.

Once again thank you for your help.

Not at the moment but suggestions are welcome.

If you’re looking for a community starting point this is a good one: Welcome to NethServer Community

There is no difference: NethServer is only few packages on top of CentOS.

NS oC has file versioning, though it’s still on v7 until NS 7. Is that what you mean?.
What synch issues were you having?

I had sync issues with O365 not with ownCloud. My question was related to so-called shadow copies in samba.

Afaik samba is just a sharing service and has nothing to do with the underlying filesystem used. Maybe using something like ZFS can solve your ‘shadowcopy’ question?

There is a “shadow copy” equiv available to samba.

Yes, that’s what I was curious about.

Yes we had many sync issues and problems. OneDrive for Business is pretty unreliable.

doh… strange! :smile:

anyway, in perfect M$’ style