[SOLVED] Proxmox Mail Gateway (PMG) as Smarthost for NethServer Mail Server

Nicely explained!
Now I very easily understood the difference between “Relay hosts” and “Default relay host settings”.

One more question for you: when configuring System => settings => SmartHost, who should be “Hostname”? My mail server? I have never used this feature to receive notifications about NethServer. I was satisfied with the notifications received through root. Are you receiving more information?

Once again, thank you for the lesson!

IMVHO no. It is a useless loop configure your “local email server” as a smarthost. Simply don’t enable it.
For other scenarios, the options are various, depending on the scenario and on the devices/services you have access to.
No rule of thumb can be (IMVHO) defined without have a clear description of goals, function, services and “tools” that can be used.

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Considering that I solved my problem, I want to thank those who helped me:
@jose_manuel_Insausti : asked the question about how to change the port SMTP port 25 in NethServer;
@mrmarkuz : gave the good solution to the question about changing port 25;
@jfranco : he had the patience to read everything I wrote and to give me some practical advice on how to configure PMG for sending emails (for me it’s the first time I use PMG);
@pike : for enlightenment!
Last but not least to all those who read this post: 220+

It sounds like the Oscars, but that’s it!


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