[Solved] JOB OFFER Any company in Belgium able/wanting to administrate nethserver based servers?


My former company, a french-speaking cultural center based in Brussels is looking for an IT administrator. It is a pretty nice cultural center, 15 users, I was working there for some years and installed self hosted services based on nethserver. It is based on Proxmox with some VM’s providing services like mail, webmail, nextcloud, snipe-it, odoo, openvpn bridge and roadwarrior, …

Nothing particularly complex but still those servers needs to be babysitted and my former employer needs a day to day support.

Anybody wanting to take over or knowing someone ?




If i’d lived in the Brussels area, I would have applied! Unfortunately it is too far and impossible to travel that distance each day.
Good luck finding a new sysadmin. It would be awesome if he or she already is a member of our community.


Rob, where do you live exactly ? It’s not exactly day to day. Phone support could be ok and one visit a month would do it I guess.

Matthieu G. (en mode mobile)

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I do the same thing all the time, I’d be interested…
Among my clients using proxmox / nethserver are doctors, hotels, financial companies including the high availability some of those clients require. :wink:

Live in Switzerland… (et je parle français…)



May move to wherever situation needs me…


Hi @Anna_L and welcome to the NethServer community.
As I do love our NethServer project and this community, it would be great if a new sysadmin for a NethServer environment could come from our community. So, if you think you have the skills and willing to move, do contact @pagaille and see if it works out.
@Andy_Wismer would offsite administration be enough? If so: go for it!

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I’d be more than willing to assist Anna_L in remote administration, if requested.


@Andy_Wismer Thats great :slight_smile:
So @robb, what to do next apart from contacting @pagaille?

Also cc @pagaille


Hello Anna

I’m based in Switzerland, can speak english, français, deutsch and a little italian and spanish.
My speciality is Networking, I can integrate almost anything. My second speciality is remoteing.

I’m lucky that IT happens to be my hobby, and the fact that computers obey me well… :wink:

As you say, the next step is wait for @pagaille to reply, maybe they are still interested.

Don’t hesitate to send a message, if you have any questions.

Best regards and a nice weekend!

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Thanks all for applying. We did found a company that took the thing over here in Belgium.

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