SOLVED: Error by updating NethServer

NethServer Version: 7.3.1611
Module: Software-Update


by updating NS (to actual modules), install process hangs by a module like “user…?”, about 61%
GUI didn’t work any more, so I restartet server from the console.
At first glance all works perfect again…

Where do I find the log-files of this update process - i’d like to see, which error happens?

Do you recommend me, to reconfigure the server (with system-adjust)? Is this necessary?

Kind regards

Take a look at /var/log/messages

Thanks a lot - I’ve looked at this file before I wrote my question - but I’ve overseen the messages of NS, because of a time confusion… (at startup logfiles have a time+2 hours, it seems, there’s a configuration error in the Bios)…

It seems, that my update works well, why http won’t work at the end can’t be seen in the protocol.