[SOLVED] Cannot use Backup to backup to AD authenticated shares

NethServer Version: NS 7.4.1708
Modules: Backup, File Server, and AD (though see below)


So I’ve run in to an off situation.

I have three NS boxes:
Neth-Nexus which serves as the primary AD domain.
NethFS1 which has a shared folder via File Server with Backup installed and is joined to the AD domain.
NethFS2 which has a shared folder via File Server with Backup installed and is also joined to the AD domain.

When creating shared folders on either NFS1 or NFS2, I can successfully set what group has access to the folders as inherited from the PDC’s list of users and groups. As an authenticated user, I can read and write to those shares at will.

When using Backup from NFS1 to NFS2, and selecting a Windows Share with the correct credentials, the backup fails. The Backup log shows the following error: “mount error(5): Input/output error”. Generally, I know that to mean there is a problem with credentials. I have tried the following for credentials:

DOMAIN(NetBIOS name)\correctuser

I know the password is correct. I have triple checked the file permissions on the folder I am meaning to write to and have even used the “Reset permissions” button.

Clearly I am missing something here. Can someone give me a pointer as to what I am doing wrong? Theoretically, I could setup an NFS share and get around this but I would like to stick to the GUI so that I can show other users that NS can be wholly used from the WebUI easily.

Please try


This works for me.


That did the trick. Thank you very much! That should probably be documented somewhere.


I’ve opened a pull request for the documentation at github.



Thank you @m.traeumner. I merged your PR, slightly modified. I hope you don’t mind.