[SOLVED] Cannot create user


I am trying to add a new user account (for a user which has previously been deleted, many weeks and reboots ago) and I am getting the below error message:-

User name
User name warren has been already registered

I have checked and no FTP account or email address exists for this user just in case this was getting in the way.

Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated :smile:


Hi… AFAIK when you delete an user you delete his profile, but his account is still here, disabled… you can’t add another user with the same username

Thanks for the info Zamboni,

So how do I delete the user account?


db accounts show deleted_username

and post here the output…

Thank you



I have just ran the command and it provided no output.
If I run the command without specifying a username it lists all users on my nethserver, but not the account in question (warren)


ok… @alefattorini and other guys from nethesis’ crew, it’s up to you (my guess is that info are stored into ldap)

@davidep something on this?

Please check if warren is in passwd

 getent passwd warren

If exists, remove the account

luserdel warren

If not exists, check if warren is in Accounts DB:

db accounts get warren

and delete the record

db accounts delete warren

Let us know if it works :wink:


Did you deleted the user from the nethserver graphic admin? how are you
triyng to add it?

I want to be able to reproduce the error.

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Thanks so much for all your help :smile:

getent passwd warren was in passwd so I deleted it as suggested with luserdel warren

This has fixed this issue as I have been able to add this user account from scratch with mailbox from the GUI

Mabeleira, I did indeed create, delete and now recreated this account using the GUI.

I think that if you go back in /var/log/messages at the time of user deletion you’ll find an error.

Love such group action :wink: :+1:

I have the same problem, but I don’t want to delete my account. Is there a way to have it back in the graphical interface of Nethserver? If not, deleting the account will remove all data?
I can reinitialize this account, but I would definitively prefer to keep it and just repair it.

I could have this account back in the interface, but with a locker. What does the locker means? How can I unlock the account?

You need to enable it or set a password.

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It works, great!

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