SOGo Update request

sogo-4.10 released for ns7.7

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4.1.1 for testing, only ns7.7

yum update sogo\* sope\* --enablerepo=nethforge-testing

please test and report

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Currently not at home / no access to my infrastructure. - will install by Wednesday. :innocent:

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Installed :slight_smile:

No Error on the most important eMail client side, however I can not save any preferences. When changing e.g. absence notification, the web frontend reports “connection error”.

Rest seems to be fine.


I do use some, say problematic, tracking blockering, identity hide and referrer deleting extensions on my firefox browser … I will try chrome tomorrow…

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No, the same problems occur on Edge and Chrome. By Change: how do I return to regular SoGo instead of trail version?

I released the last version a week ago, so sogo-4.1.1-1.ns7.x86_64, if the problem comes from you or the rpm we will see soon so far

At least not much people complained