SOGo Update request

Dear all,

for shure I am not the only one who prefers SOGo instead of WebTop - Just today I have seen two posts confirming this within this form. As I was used to SOGo during my Zentyal experiance, it eased my pain migrating from Zentyal to Nethserver.

After I tried out WebTop for a while I retured to SOGo. In my opinion

  • It is more stable,
  • it allows better import / export of contacts
  • the UI is more intuitive to me
  • the translation to German is more advanced than WebTop.

From all of this points I hope there are much more users of SOGo here on this form and I kindly ask for an update of SOGo as V4 is already availabe.

Thank you so much for consideration


Thank for your input, on ns7, sogo is available to 4.07 version. Do I miss something

Dear Stephane,

you are right of course. I just named the major version for simplification purposes. It was more important to me to tell that Nethserver missed a major version release instead of some (more ore less) important updates. I will correct 4 -> 4.xx.



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Ok, FYI we compile on our own each version of SOGo, we do not rely on the Sogo nightly repo, so we propose stable version, tested by our community.

The choice to go to webtop has been done because the developers of SOGo are blind and deaf to the need of their users and companies who sell support, hence the collaboration between webtop and nethesis.

For now the state of SOGo is to be in Nethforge, but it doesn’t mean no fix and no update, as ever if you have a feature request, try to make a howto, talk here of the idea and if you need a help of a developer, at worse it will cost a beer at the fosdem.


But @stephdl’s point was that this simply isn’t so–the current version in the Nethserver repo is with version 4 (specifically, 4.07). It appears that what you’re asking for is already there.

And though I don’t use SOGo, I can’t stand WebTop.

UPS, sorry, you are right.

Reading thought Nethserver Admin Manual, chapter SOGo Nightly Build, I thought we are still on version 3 … I was used to version 2 from Zentyal … Sorry, but still:

Updates to 4.07 are appreciated :innocent:



What updates? 4.0.7 is the current release at

According to SOGo after login -> preferences / general, my version is 4.0.5.

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It is true, sogo_4.07 will come

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it is waiting our tests since march :smiley:

I already upgraded it since months on my server,…please upgrade to test it

yum update sogo\* sope\* --enablerepo=nethforge-testing

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Dear @Stephane,

  how can you be that fast??? I just checked my server mails and

found an update notification to version 4.07 … I did not even
switch on the testing repository …