Sogo, nextcloud : Multiple virtual hosts?


Depending of course, what you have entered in all your concerned DNS (including SPF, Dmark) etc…


Your mileage may vary…


PS: I’d add on WE both know how to handle this, but a newbie might stumble here… :slight_smile:

Right ! I forgot that. But until now I wasn’t able to even connect to NC through the secondary domain :blush: I think I’ll try using the same ugly receipt I used for Sogo : copying and customising the virtual host config file.

I think I could do it by creating a custom template but I’m not sure it will have any added value in this case.


Just add the second domain in via cockpit… (Nextcloud -> Settings)


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NC : Working too ! :blush:

This IS NethServer! :slight_smile:

I often also forget to add in the IP in the list (for an emergency)…

For starters:

The lack of Multiple virtual host support for SOGo is my responsibility. :expressionless: @stephdl actualy did build it in (see “discussion” here ).
Reasoning I had (and have) : although NS can server multiple mail-domain aliases, In it’s gene’s it is a single domain solution.

IMHO, Providing multiple virtualhosts by default would lead to the expectancy of so-called multi-tenant functionality which is not present.

However It should be possible to create a reserve-proxy to add an (virtual) host to access SOGo.

Have forgotten how to do so but key is to add the /SOGo part in this proxy;
I think it is solved here:

grtz mark


…and I think it really is time to reconsider that.

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Maybe but I also think they are saying that SAMBA4 on NS is only configured for 1 domain and that having and can be done at the email level all the other integrated services (OpenVNP/SAMBA AD/File Share/…) are not compatible with the multi-tenancy email deployment.


And note user1@what-ever-domian will always be the same user1, that is in essence the restriction we are dealing with. I do agree the old fashioned way of configuring a local-domain(.lan) for the account provider and (multiple) outside oriented domains (for mail) still does appeal to me.

Back to topic;
As the underling services do not provide it, the SOGo configuration should not imply they do…

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Wow. It wasn’t my goal to revive an old polemic - I was unaware of it TBH.

That said, I do not agree with you :blush:

Many organisations or individuals soon or later feel the need to get a new domain name for a project, an event, a family name, a brand or parent company name, and so on. That is something that happens every day.

That is totally different than a pure multi-tenant system, which goes far further in terms of features, granularity, privacy, security. That’s out of the scope of NS, I agree with this.

I always thought and said that since NS offers the possibility to define multiple domains, it should offer the basic features listed above and at least offer the possibly to make network services reachable through those domains.

It looks technically not so difficult to me (but I may be wrong), since I more or less reached that goal by using (a bit ugly) customisations, which should be avoided of course.

I really think that it would be a great addition for NS8.

Is there any added value compared to my quick solution (second virtual host) ?

I do not think there is a big difference;

In your setup there are two ProxyPasses to port 20000 on the localhost instead of one with an extra proxypass to this single one.

However I would advise to call it zzz_something.conf to preserve the default virtual host. Apache reads the configuration files alphabetically and the first becomes the default virtual host.

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There is a very distinct difference in maildomain and Samba domain.
There is no such thing that NethServer offers the possibility of multi Samba domain. It even doesn’t offer multi DC.
Yes you can have multi mail domains but they will always be tied to an account in the single Samba domain. (I have no experience with LDAP accountprovider, but I think there is also just a single realm possible.)
But I am sure you already knew this … :wink:



Not even a Windows Server can handle multiple Windows Domains or ADs.
A windows server can only be in one Domain/AD.
It would need a “forest” of multiple servers to do that… :slight_smile:

MS Exchange also couples users to the domain (AD), even if they use different mail domains.
The AD “realm” remains the same, as even Exchange can only be a member of one AD.

My 2 cents

Indeed Rob. I thought i was clear on this in my last post, but that “feature“ looks really difficult to explain and / or understand.

Matthieu G. (en mode mobile)

Hello everyone!

A stupid question: is it possible to install many Nextcloud instances in virtual hosts as subdomains of one domain on the same NS?
Something like this:



I think it’s possible but you need to manually configure the instances (AD/LDAP, PHP and so on)

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Hi @mrmarkuz !

Thank you for your reply!

I will use the same LDAP like the main domain and the user accounts will be create under the main domain.

For the rest of settings, will be enough to run these commands for each instance?

config setprop nextcloud VirtualHost cloud-one.mydomain.tld
config setprop nextcloud TrustedDomains cloud-one.mydomain.tld
signal-event nethserver-nextcloud-update

Another question: is necessary to create virtual hosts for each instance before running those commands, or the first command will create the virtual host?


No, I think you need to manually install and configure each instance in a virtualhost. There are no e-smith db properties for these instances.

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OK but Nextcloud as NS package can be install only once. So … :cold_sweat:
I think will be more simple to use vm for each subdomain :smiley: