Sogo LDAP bind failures after backup-config restore

Let’s see

cat /var/lib/machines/nsdc/etc/samba/smb.conf

This line in your sogo.conf looks strange!

Please remove any custom template then run

signal-event nethserver-sogo-update
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minchia, adesso… now i have the connection, what and how is now happen?

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Ah sei italiano :smile:

Tutta 'sta fatica!

Insomma funziona o no?

assolutamente si

grazie mille davide ma non capisco cosa successo…

Custom template?

could it be that this last command after restoring the configuration not worked?

at the moment i dont have one in the sogo configuration

Yes, I think the sogo.conf template failed to expand its "hostname = " parameter. I’m investigating the NethServer::SSSD code

That DNS query could actually fail and return an empty string.

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buona domenica davide, just a quick information. i guess something with the configuration backup or better the restore of the configuration backup is wrong. i loose also my logwatch and crontab manager, okay, this is what i have figured out till now, or is it normal that everything what i do on my own on the nethserver is not written in the configuration backup (also a small solution for blocking ads seems not working.

If you customized the server setup manually you should customize the backup configuration too!

There are two types of backup

  • config backup (very small, only configurations)
  • data backup (bundles both the config backup and user’s data)

About your trouble with restore of configuration, I’m working on a fix to NethServer::SSSD library

PS: can I publish this message, too?

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okay, guess this could be a very important information for all users cause i thought that the configuration backup is getting the information about the stuff automatically.

and sure, feel free to use it