Sogo doesn't work after update to 7.5 beta

How to block Beta?
Sogo does not starts anymore, or I can’t login to sogo.

Please have a look here:

A lock feature is planned for the future

Please share with us the error logs and maybe we can help you to fix it!

Which Logs do you need?
In the meanwile smtp does not work either (::(:((::((::frowning:
I think i have to install again new.
It happend after update beta, yesterday, and i didn’t wanted beta
It started after i couldn’t log into sogo.

no signung message table for sogo@domain


The mail part on beta has no known issues, we have it on production.

Please describe better your problem and report errors found inside /var/log/messages and all other relevant logs.

I will reinstall everything.I don’t have time and this server to test and repair.I back up everything extra manualy, i deleted all HD’s,.
I’ll try to restore from duplicity backup than.First was sssd problem, than sogo, and at thew end i couldn’t send any mails.
But this is not OK, i already had problems, not with BETA, everytime i have bad feeleings about Updates an hope that this will work.It’s on DELL PowerEdge T110 II

How to import backups from external disk, it recognises but does not read the files and no Date.
I don’t want to restore all, because i need to restore only some Mail accounts.

Data on External USB Disk with duplicity backups:

restore-data /mnt/server /var/lib/nethserver/vmail/ ???

can i do that?

restore-data / /var/lib/nethserver/vmail/ will restore /var/lib/nethserver/vmail/ to original position.

this does not work.
How can i mount old backups ?
I can swee duplicity, i restored with duplicity, but now i need contacts and Calendar grrrr

Maybe you can use the restore function of sogo:

Does normal backup on external backups also make backups of /var/lib/sogo?

Yes, it makes backups of /var/lib/sogo/backups:

[root@server2 ~]# cat /etc/backup-data.d/nethserver-sogo.include