Sogo documentation in the wiki

I tried to sort a wiki page for sogo, We should start some expalnations, notably on client configurations

@docs_team @flatspin @asl @frx44 @hucky and @allOthers do you want to play on it :slight_smile:

Please review and shout if it is wrong


It would be nice to have step-by-step configurations for other clients

As always, really good job!

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Just tagging here other SOGo lovers like @mark_nl @gg_jr @rowihei @bruno @gerald_fs @miko10 @transocean @asl

microsoft client based on active sync added…SHAME ON ME!!!

I would love something on apple, but don’t count on me :slight_smile:

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Well done :slight_smile:

Well done, you deserve a mention in our next Newsletter :slight_smile::beers:

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