Sogo displays the html source of calendars and tasks

Hello everyone, I’m testing with Outlook 2013 and Sogo in Activesync mode.

Syncing works well, for tasks and calendars, synchronization takes place, but the display of the content is only as an HTML source. Do I have to change something? ??

I made other changes to the outlook program regarding the composition of the email in text format, in the hope that the client (iphone, sogo via the web) will do this will be able to view the task and appointment calendars. Unfortunately none of this, synchronization works, but the body of the task or calendar event is displayed in the html source. I wonder if other users have reported the same defect or it’s just me!

Hello everyone, I wanted to point out that the text formatting defect has never reappeared. Probably due to recent updates from sogo. Beyond that finally, the “@” button works on the MAC to compose email addresses.