SoGo 4 into Nethserver?

just launch the script /usr/share/doc/sogo-4.0.0/ but I need to check before, I fear that some guys get their adressbook broken. It should not be much annoying for us because we do a backup of sogo settings/calendar/addressbook each night…of course it is a last resort

Db upgrade? Did they drop json in SQL in random table names?

I installed it on a fresh VM. I am actually syncing mails via EAS to my Android mobile, calendars and contacts are working in first tests. :sunglasses:

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# This script only works with MySQL - it does:
# 1- updates c_defaults and c_settings to longtext in the sogo_user_profile table
#    to avoid truncation of data at 64k
# 2- increase the c_mail column to text to contact quick table
# 3- add the c_hascertificate column to contact quick table

not an expert, but I mean no

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yum update nethserver-sogo sogo\* sope\* --enablerepo=nethforge-testing

it should be good, please test and report

  • first installation
  • upgrade from 3.2.10 to 4.0.0

the migration path concerns the addressbooks so please create several entries before to upgrade

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I only asked if he knows something :joy:

But @stephdl is very very fast.


bump, @quality_team

Error getting repository data for nethforge-testing, repository not found

Installation worked like a charme.
Mailaccount are present and o.k.
Calendarevents are present.
Sorry had no entries in adressbook.

I’ll play a little bit and report if something occurs.

Perfect job @stephdl as always! Thanks a lot! :sunny: :+1: :beers:


looks good to me, great work @stephdl :grinning::+1::+1:

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all addressbooks are there, same for calendar ?

would say YES, no problem till now from outlook, android, ios and webgui so far


hourra, please do others can confirm :slight_smile:


Really excellent work guys!


Updated another testserver, I imported lot of contacts and events before. Everything seems to be there, no errors in logfiles. Awesome work! :fireworks:

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sogo 4 released


did you update your wiki page? So I can promote it

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Please, bear in mind that SOGo doc is now also inside the manual.

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