SOGo 2.2.17a is released

(Alessio Fattorini) #1

We have improved ActiveSync support for big email accounts and fixed some bugs:

Do you wanna try the new version?
Click on SoGo Groupware on Software Center to install or the upgrade button for existing installation

Changes from the last version

  • allow including or not freebusy info from subscribed calendars
  • now possible to set an autosave timer for draft messages
  • now possible to set alarms on event invitations
  • updated CKEditor to version 4.4.6 and added the ‘Source Area’ plugin
  • sogo-tool can now be used to manage EAS metadata for all devices
  • added support for multiple calendars and address books over ActiveSync
  •   updated Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, Spanish (Argentina), and Spanish
    (Spain) translations
  •   support for recurrent tasks 
  •   support for alarms on recurrent events / tasks
  •   alarms can now be snoozed for 1 day
  •   new user settings for threads collapsing
  •   IMAP global search support 
  •   printing calendars in colors is now possible in all views; list, daily, weekly and multicolumns
  •   new option to print calendars events and tasks with a background color or with a border color
  •   new option to print calendars events and tasks with a background color or with a border color
  •   all modules can now be automatically refreshed
  •   new user preference to prevent event invitations
  •   now possible to DnD events in the calendar list
  •   add new 'multi-columns' calendar view (#1948)
  •   contacts photos are now synchronized using ActiveSync (#2807)
  •   now display the active tasks next to calendar names (#2760)
  •   new print option in Calendar module
  •   now able to save unknown recipient emails to address book on send (#1496)
  •   SOGo version is now displayed in preferences window (#2612)
  •   report Sieve error when saving preferences (#1046)
  •   addressbooks properties are now accessible from a popup window
  •   extended events and tasks searches
  •  it's now possible to set a default reminder for calendar components using SOGoCalendarDefaultReminder
  •   select multiple files to attach to a message or drag'n'drop files onto the mail editor; will also now display progress of uploads
  •   new popup menu to download all attachments of a mail
  •   move & copy messages between different accounts
  •   support for the Sieve 'body' extension (mail filter based on the body content)

(Alessio Fattorini) #2

Ehi folks, any feedback? :wink:

(Uwe) #3

Hello Friends,

it looks good and works well.
Now I can switch from ClearOS to NethServer.

Thanks and Greetings,


(Alessio Fattorini) #4

Sound very good!! :smiley:
Do you know ClearOS pretty well? A comparison could help ;-D

(Uwe) #5


but my English is not good enough for a comparsion. But after two years with ClearOS Professional i can say, that this System with the Support Modul Basic is expensive. With Zarafa, Owncloud and some other Features 515 USD per year.
NethServer can in my opinion, everything that ClearOS also can.

(mahmoud_yossif) #6

Hello and good work, I have tested the nethserver and its very good but one thing is missing that is open change, if nethserver has that then it will better than ms exchange and any other server please you need to add it

Thanks and best regards

(Alessio Fattorini) #7

Unfortunately it’s not on cards.