So what the heck is a SysAdmin?

Recently I read this:

System administrators. IT pros. The IT guy (or gal). Techies. They go by a lot of names, but they all pretty much share a common goal: be the fantastic fixers of all things tech.

Would you consider yourself a SysAdmin?

Are we sysadmins? Or NethServerians?
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How about NethSerfs or Nethserviette (as in the French translation: servir or ‘to serve’ and not the British ‘table napkin’ translation).


Actually, I prefer the term ‘Open Source Network Infrastructure Consultants’ (OSNIC).

Or how about ‘Open Source Network Infrastructure and Information Communication Technologies Consultant’ (try fitting that title on your business cards)?


Generally a sysad but more closely…a member of the tribe :smiley:

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