So, what are you working on? - 8 May 17

Good morning NethServer family,
Hi from Austin, Texas. U.S… This is my last day here for
Great experience, I enjoyed it so much! It was a great occasion to chat with other community managers about our NethServer community!
I received tons of advice and I can’t wait to come back to work :slight_smile:

As always I want to give a big, warm welcome here to our new members from this past weeks. I am so thrilled you found us and can’t wait to get to know all of you. :wave:

If you’re new here, make yourself at home and tell us what are you working on!

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So, what are you guys working on? Any achievement to share with us? @robb @dz00te @nrauso @Carlos_Estrada @denis.robel @Stll0 @fasttech @flatspin @uliversal @transocean @Francenildo @apradoc @des @iglqut @laframba @gerald_FS @Imre_Bertalan @a4rgl @clinton


Greetings my dear brother

Among other things right now I have to try open source software for an educational tablet project for young music students in Venezuela, which I support with the collection of the F-droid repository.

If you know any other repository of free software for Android, unlike those of Google, I appreciate the information.

Not Android but if you are looking for opensource music software:

To get on topic: I have been busy cleaning WIndows pc’s, Not cleaning dust, but cleaning bugs, malware and virusses. I even had fun doing this… lol


Thank you my brother.

Musescore is my favorite musical software.

In Venezuela many musicians use it, especially the young. And some composers have added the sound of their own instruments to this score editor. With proprietary software such as Sibelius or Finale it would not be possible unless you pay them.

I’m studying Nethserver a lot.


@giacomo and I are developing/testing/fixing these long awaited features

Upgrade paths to ns7

Accounts provider - Service Pack 1


It “sounds” very interesting :slight_smile:

Me neither. Did you find any good app ?

Good! You should make some exercises replying to some easy #support questions. What about?

Yeah! I can’t wait to work on the next steps :slight_smile:


Just be pragmatic when it comes to Windows: Run malwarebites, if that doesn’t help: reinstall. No use of spening a LOT of time cleaning a pc just to find out you didn’t catch everything…

I didn’t stop using Windows without a reason many years ago… :wink:


Me too, :grin: So much housekeeping/maintenance required just to keep it working - not to mention the reboots when installing, etc.

This week I have been involved in configuring a hotel PMS interface to enable it to transfer Guest details to our in-house Radius authentication server. And it was all done on a Raspberry Pi.

Now, need to upload an 8GB image to cloudstorage so our tech’s can deploy it…or as we know it, just ftp it onto our office Nethserver !!

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An overhaul of a companies Network Infrastructure is not nice especially when they have had another company, use ubuntu, gentoo, centos across a range of servers, with the applications mixing between NGinx, apache, Freepbx, Asterisk, vicibox Mongo DB, Mysql, MariaDB, Php5 and Php7.

A nightmare, This I think is one of the reasons that Linux in south africa has never really taken off. Becuase companies, go around and instead of standardising, they use anything that comes to mind.

So a simple lesson to all the new guys out there, Set a standard and stick to it, it not only makes your live easier, but also when people talk about linux, its not a dark cold, unorganised community… Because thats what has happened and seems its a norm in this day and age in south africa.

But 20 Servers, mixture of Asterisk Boxes, Email servers, database and web servers, being setup as a Farm of NETHSERVERS…

I am experimenting with MAAS on my home network, which looks very interesting, on centos, Just need to see how I can use it with Nethserver…

Enjoy Chat soon

Many thanks for the Welcome … feels good to be part of a community looking to make tech better for us ALL.
Nice to also see such a broad use group. I look forward to sharing my experiences and WINs.

Which kind of hotel PMS? We have some experts here. Did you make it finally?

That’s why we, as NethServer, are trying to standardize everything. Having to manage such variety is a nightmare, I agree.
MAAS? Could you tell us more?

Good to know! What are your feelings with NethServer?

We have several locations using our in-house developed hotel PMS interface. It is FIAS (Fidelio-Micros) and we use it to collect guest information (booking reference/surname/room number) to allow guests to login or activate Telephone, TV, WiFi services etc,.

It runs on a Raspberry Pi and once we have the guest details we send it to our Radius AAA to manage logins.

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Have you ever connected it to a PBX? Like asterisk or whatever?

We have integrated with several vendors, including VoIP systems.
Our interface only collects the minimum amount of information to enable a ‘start time’ and a ‘stop time’ on the relevant service.
Regarding PBX interfacing, as we only need ‘start time’ and ‘stop time’ we do not ‘post back’ to the Hotel PMS items such as Call timers, Wake-up calls, destination, call charges., etc. So it is a minimal interface but suits our needs.

If anyone would like some assistance on interfacing, I will be pleased to assist.