So, what are you working on? 5 Jul 2019

Hi NethServerians
it’s been a while since my last welcome message, I apologize.
In the meantime, so many new faces have landed in our community.

I’d like to know more about you folks

What challenges are you facing and what keeps you up at night?

Let’s give you big, warm welcome.
If you’re new here, make yourself at home and welcome to NethServer Community



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I’d like a [So, what are you working on] full thread. No date. No new threads.
Total fusion, total update.
Any forumer who raise question or answer should add the date on his post.

Hi @pike,
Thank you for your insight, but I have to disagree with you on this.I do agree welcoming new members is a very important thing in a community. New members need to feel at home and welcomed as soon they enter our community. This has been neglected the past few months due to personal circumstances of both @alefattorini and myself.
But IMO (as a community manager) a separate topic for each period is much more inclusive for new members than being mentioned in reply 486 of an ongoing thread/discussion. And being inclusive has always been the most important way of communicating towards our members.
I think I can talk for the whole community team that we will try our hardest to reinstate the habit of welcoming new members on a regular basis and give them the warm welcome they deserve.

Thank you for mentioning this and make us aware we kept behind on this important subject!

I could agree with you. Take a look a this: Welcome to NethServer Community we started from that

It’s not easy to read/reply after 257 comments. So I tried a different path it has been worked so far #community:welcome