So, what are you working on? - 2 Oct 17

NethServer tribe!!
How is it going? I’m so energized by our Conference (some pics here)! I met so many amazing people and watch a lot of interesting talks! Wow, just wow. I need to gather all the content that the conference and Nethesis meeting has produced so I’m working on a LOOOT of stuff:

  • new twitter storify
  • blog post on the conference
  • split and publish the recordings
  • publish conference slides
  • collect and publish some great photos

Anyway as you know, every week we welcome our new blood :family_man_woman_girl_boy: asking them to feel immediately comfortable and prepared to post about what they are looking for or what they need help with. :rotating_light:

Please comment below and tell us: What you’re working on? What brings you to NethServer?

Looking to you:

Finally, I tag some people that are hanging around

What’s on your plate? @stephdl @GG_jr @Ctek @lldm30 @maddin @AndreLinux @federico.ballarini @gecco @danielecurto @flatspin @jgjimenezs @saitobenkei @EddieA @dz00te @wclemo @fuso @Thor @ghost @etino @des @bwdjames @dnutan @mrmarkuz

Remind that…


I can help to collect photos and send you mine

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Great conference and great people! Tomorrow we install in lab the latest update and give feedback


Just finished to replace today broken router (running ClearOS6) to NS7! Installed (multiwan, ips, firewall, ntopng), tested and done some security test on it… also i have setup second server for DNS, DHCP, VHosts. Now i have to setup OpenVPN and IPSec tunnels between two locations.

ps. everything goes smooth without any problem - great job nethserver team!


I’m using the NethServer in production (so it’s a good thing I did the update to 7.4 on a friday after hours!). I’m running DNS, DHCP, Samba (AD), backup, and Zabbix on it. If anyone has tried running the Unifi controller on it? (Ubiquity doesn’t have binaries for Red Hat). I’m considering moving FreePBX to it also.
I’ve been using Red Hat / CentOS since 2006, and Zabbix since 2007 :slight_smile:


Ciao Alessio,
nessun problema mi sono inscritto alla comunity perchè installiamo parecchi Box Nethesis indirizzati al suo uso quale PBX Voip.

Mi farò presente appena avrò qualche dubbio.

Ciao e buon lavoro!

complimenti per la convention.
Very Great!

@m.traeumner can you add some of your photos (the pretty ones) into the @giacomo’s page? So we can build a collaborative album?

@matce I can’t wait to see your report :slight_smile: let us know

@des I love such replacements! How did you manage the migration from centos?
@trobbelke are you using @mrmarkuz’s zabbix howto? Regarding FreePBX, tomorrow I will release @Stll0 slides from our conference and I guess he’s working on new PBX initiative :smiley: Stay tuned.
Did you check this?

@Giovanni great job! An enterprise customer also active here. Thanks for your trust :slight_smile: Buon lavoro!
sorry English only here :slight_smile:

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Ok, I’ll load them up, but don’t know which are the pretty ones. :joy:


Last night me and Giuseppe explained to LUG members the topics discussed during the conference and the wonderful experience that we have done.
At the moment i just launched a yum update… :sweat_smile: briefly the rest

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I love such shirt! Thanks for spreading the NethServer word @matce I really appreciate it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@alefattorini i had no scenario for this - i had to replace old router as soon as was it possible (users where complaining about not working services )- but after few days of using NS7 as a router I must say that this is it! So I must say - goodby ClearOS welcome NethServer!


I’ve been stuck with a high workload at work so I have been a little sidelined with things.

I’ve been wanting to apply the latest round of updates, but I’m still a little weary of that Samba bug and I could do with a little clarity on that front on whether it is safe to do the yum update now?

Hi @bwdjames,

updating should be safe now. I updated my systems and there are no samba problems anymore.


I can confirm that - this weekend i was setting up SambaAD and no problems with this :+1:


:heart: :wink:

I’m testing a new voip phone that looks like the graphic part of the display has been drawn in some Chinese under-stair… so unprofessional…

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