So, what are you working on? - 19 Jun 17

Hello NethServer Family,
it’s Monday again but here as you know we always celebrate a new week!

We usually welcome new people and share what’s we are working on.

Talking about me, I’m chasing the coming newsletter and sending some shirts to some of our awesome members :slight_smile: I’d like to poin out just a quick update about our Conference and

What are you up to?

I’m really interested in knowing what our new members are working on
If you’re new here, make yourself at home and welcome to NethServer Community. Looking at you:

Are you setting up a new NethServer installation? Some great testing? Do you work for a company, or do you freelance? Is there a problem that you’re here hoping to solve?

That’s call isn’t just for new people, I’m seeing a lot of people hanging around @giacomo are you working on the VPN module? @dnutan @roberto.schiano @seanvdyk @jose_manuel_Insausti @bwdjames @ghost @goggaboy @mundor @michele @P4T @robb @liviu @syntaxerrormmm @genticani @happnatious1 @Francenildo @areguera

What are you going to do this week? Even not NethServer related.

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Finished setting up the VPN on the v7 server, went so smoothly it was unbelievable!

Working through adding one or more child domain(s) for email purposes, not sure if the email headers for sending emails will reflect the child domain, so am busy testing.

Carrying on with the normal support cases at work.

Nice to hear about new comers.
Well I am working on 2 tasks
SMS gateway on Nextcloud
SUITECRM with Asterisk integration module that is being developed by Techextension (paid module unfortunately)

Thanks for your message, @alefattorini! :smiley:

Currently figuring out a dirty hack to fix this issue - Networking issues after installing AD :stuck_out_tongue:

@alefattorini I’m studying ufdbguard and lightsquid, I need a report out of Nethserver Webgui. And studying Perl.


thank you for your mail.
Actually i am testing NethServer, which seems very interesting
I have here just a question, by the way

My Installation is running in a vm, with one NIC only.
I just checking, if i can use NethServer also as a Gateway, instead the usual router
Hope you can answer my question,

thank you in advance

Hello all.

Thank you for the warm welcome. I feel at home already.

We are a video production company in Brazil. All our audio and video assets today are digital.

We have a huge ammount of data moving between our servers and our workstations every day (and night sometimes…). A single day of external recording generates around 1.5 TB of data.

Besides that, we have activities common to all companies: client database, email, proxy/firewall, calendar/tasks management, etc.

I am planning to substitute our 6 Zentyal servers for “Nethservers” in a near future. Maybe end of december.

Until then, I plan to study all configuration scenarios to be proficient enough to make a smooth transition.

We have:
1 AD Domain controler that holds user accounts and common files
3 File / database servers for audio / video / general use.
1 Proxy / Firewall
1 Webserver / mail server

In this first moment I will read a lot, try not to make redundant questions, and setup a testing server. Not necessarily in this order…

I’m stuck in the VPN world:

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This cound be the reason for answering me… “Code it by yourselfe, dude!” in this topic…
:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

Anyway, I’m trying to figure out why a lazy NAT-T IPsec tunnel takes a nap every 5-6 days.

I have been setting up NethServer on HyperV as a Controller for our DMZ. Also Attempting to use it for a Branch Domain Controller.

hi all , i’m testing nethserver like an alternative for little group of users that now are using only windows server…(2003)
i’m trying to see if is possible manage nethserver like a little firewall with navigation control and device manager

I forgot to reply you guys.

Oh! I love that. You can ask here for info. We have some knowledge /cc @davidep @iglqut

Take a look at this[]=active

How do you use Zentyal? Just as fileserver? Or you deployed some application on top of that

Ehi Gary, welcome. How many clients are you planning to join?

Definitely! NethServer will be super helpful. Where are you using it? A company? Family? No-profit?

A warm welcome. congratulation to your decision. We´ve done that change from Zentyal 3.4 to NS7RC this winter and we don´t regret it. Cosy and stable we´re running now.
some prim. Infos: Moving from Zentyal 3.4 DC to NS7 DC (AD) at a medical institution

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