So, what are you working on? - 18 Oct 17

NethServer Tribe!
how is it going? Sorry for the late welcome post but I was very busy recently speaking at a conference and now I’m working on a new talk at Open Source Summit planned for the next week

Slides of the NethServer Conference are out and registrations are coming.

Anyway as you know, every week we welcome our new blood :family_man_woman_girl_boy: asking them to feel immediately comfortable and prepared to post about what they are looking for or what they need help with. :rotating_light:

Please comment below and tell us: What you’re working on? What brings you to NethServer?

Finally, I tag some people that are hanging around

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I am facing so many problems using nethserver. To be true i was thinking of replacing it.

K. Sudhakar Rao

Been busy with multiple meetings at work.

End of last week, I applied the latest set of upgrades/upgrades to CentOs 7.4 and that seemed to go smoothly. Unfortunately on Saturday I turned off the power to the server without performing a clean shutdown first.

Bad - very bad - took out the whole server.

Spent most of Saturday reinstalling the server and it feels a lot more stable now to be honest which is nice.

What problems are you experiencing?


  1. I am not able to join linux clients to domain.

  2. DHCP is assigning DNS IP to clients.

  3. Web proxy is not restricting web sites.

  4. Firewall is allowing all clients to access internet even after dropping/rejecting the rule for them.

  5. Webmail is not opening with name i.e https://domain.local/webmail. I have to open through IP address i.e

I don’t want to change nethserver os. If my problems get solved i will continue to use it. I love the interface.

K. Sudhakar Rao

Have you opened threads for every problem you have? Then link them please.
If not please create for every problem an own thread.

Hmm… interesting.

I haven’t used this feature (yet), so I wouldn’t be able to assist on this point. But there is bound to be others who have used this feature who can help on it.

[quote=“sudhakar4877, post:5, topic:8088”]
DHCP is assigning DNS IP to clients.
[/quote]I’m not too clear on what you are trying to say here. Maybe having a look at your config would help to identify any potential issues with it.[quote=“sudhakar4877, post:5, topic:8088”]
Web proxy is not restricting web sites.
[/quote][quote=“sudhakar4877, post:5, topic:8088”]
Firewall is allowing all clients to access internet even after dropping/rejecting the rule for them.
[/quote]I wonder if this may be partially related to Number 2 above. If the client is presenting a different IP address than what is expected in the firewall rule, then this behaviour would be expected.
So I suspect taht if Number 2 gets fixed, that may provide the majority of the solution for this one.[quote=“sudhakar4877, post:5, topic:8088”]Webmail is not opening with name i.e https://domain.local/webmail. I have to open through IP address i.e[/quote]
Would need to see the config for this one to see what is wrong. But if there are issues with the DHCP/DNS config to start with, it may be worthwhile to get that sorted first and then have a look at this point.

Shall we pick this up in a separate thread/posting and see if we can help get it sorted?

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I am an adult computer trainer, linux system and networks at a level of 2 years after college.
I train people from 20 to 50 who choose to change their profession.

I use NethServer as a service aggregator after teaching the installation, administration and individual use of these (dns, samba, postfix, dhcp, squid, etc …).

I came to NethServer after trying Zentyal and ClearOs but their business model is not there for educational use.

I also think of implementing NethServer for small businesses of 1 to 15 people to replace the Microsoft Windows ecology (doctors, geologist, wine merchants, …) some with privacy and security constraints.

Have a good day.


So updating to 7.4 was a real hard job, as we had a corrupted packet system- a lot of handwork later everything is updated and additionally cockpit installed- absolutly great stuff and the performance is astonishing- please keep on developing!
A few more question to be asked in the near future by our Admin @nikolaus.herrmann who also did the handwork today. Just a hint more then 300 packages were sensed already existing and only a package by package reinstall solved the mess.

So far everything else look like working correctly now. Just and so far again, the sssd did not start after a reboot. Manually starting gave access to the shares again. Any ideas to that topic?

So far so good. Hope the update problems we had in the last 3 month ar solved now with the new version. Thank s again to the development team for the great new features.

have a nice day

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had the same issue- please try SUSE Linux- works while installing a few more packages “out of the box”. Just surge for windows domain in settings.

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Can you please explain it in step by step?

Install Suse ( to download ) I use the Gnome version.
After Install search for domain windows in the Dash- there will be an oppertunity to connect to a WIndows Domain- Put in your credentials, then there will be installation of further software, please accept; I think after a restart using at login other User you should be able to log in to your domain using "yourdomain\user
see also:


Sounds great, I would write a short howto about that. "How to join Suse to NethServer AD"
What do you think? @iglqut do you have some minutes for that?

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If you think a copy/paste from the link I posted is enough? :innocent: :smiling_imp:


and there are some more issues- you can e.g. decide if a local home profile is created for domain users.
Unfortunately I´maximum busy at the moment and if nobody is willing to do a How to I can do it probably at Christmas holidays.


Why are you saying that? I’m a bit curious

And one more issue: You can create the ~home on the Users share on NS by default!!!
We re still testing, but it looks like working- very good news for, as we decided not to use roaming profiles but the own directory on the user share (less traffic on the network). and we hope that will work for the hybrid situation we have with Windows and SUSE Clients

And we recently realized a nother feature thanks NS: With the new EU Data Safty doctrine/ law, which will be executed by May 2018 we had to find a solution, that Clients get their Info s, which is not possible by mail for security reasons (knownig, that evrybody does it :wink: ).
So we re using Nextcloud as a “Pull” Service, were we, load up the file (e.g. pdf), send the link by Mail and the code/ password by SMS to the costumer- that should be save enough and we re no sending the information activly.

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I’m curious!! Please add some detail to that scenario so people can follow your example. Some screens may work :slight_smile:

Sorry no screens- But just log in at Your Nextcloud Website https://yourdomain/nextcloud
Create a folder or load up a file- push the share symbol beside and choose “share link”- set the password- copy the link and send it per Mail. The password we send per SMS.
We also set at the nextcloud configuration, that links are only valid 14 days.
You can also share a given folder to others in the domain named e.g. custumorsDocuments- and evrybody uses this folder to share.

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