So, what are you working on? - 14 May 2018

NethServerians! How’s it going?
It’s a been a while from the last welcome topic!
Welcome to another wonderful week of being alive and setting up new NethServer installations!

As you may already know we’re working on the next NethServer version 7.5 Alpha and here a list of changes planned for NS 7.5.

As used let’s welcome all of our new members to the community!
Every week, we take a minute to show some love to our new members, giving an opportunity to introduce themselves. What’s up? Why are you here? What are you working on? A new week is already started and we’re always here building and supporting our beloved NethServer :heart:

As every week It’s time to welcome all of our 52 new members!

Tagging some people that hanging around like @dz00te @jfernandez @saitobenkei @Stefano_Zamboni @Sebastian @mrmarkuz @KdB @indra @hucky @fausp
What’s on your plate?



Hi! I’m Guillermo from Misiones, Argentina.

After some month testing distributions for servers, I decided to implement NS as main router/firewall for the Educational Institute I work for.


Welcome here Guillermo!
Can you add more details about your Istitute?
That’s a gift for you and for the entire community /cc @ambassadors_group

An alternative to believing in yourself

Of course, self-belief is more than just common advice. It’s at the heart of selling, of creating, of shipping, of leadership…

Telling someone, “believe in yourself,” is often worthless, though, because it’s easier said than done.

Perhaps the alternative is: “Do work you can believe in.”

Not trust, verification. Not believing that one day you’ll do worthwhile work. Instead, do worthwhile work, look at it, then believe that you can do it again.

Step by step, small to large, easy to difficult.

Do work you can believe in.

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Welcome @guillermofekete, Glad to see another implementation in an educational environment. We have a (small) @education_team. And I do invite you to join us in an effort to add educational modules to NethServer.

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Yes! Sorry for my short presentation:

I’m 36 years old. I work as server admin at Educational Institute Montoya ( in Posadas, Misiones, Argentina.

I found NS searching for a linux firewall distribution, with wan balance and that easly allows me to monitoring the net. NS is the best one in wan auto balance!


Thanks @robb ! I’ll join to it!


@alefattorini can you add @guillermofekete to the @education_team ?
I added you to the @education_team!

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Hi there,

I’m 42 years old, from Italy. A Long time Unix/Linux sysadmin in large companies along with a decennial Fortinet/Checkpoint/F5 BigIP experience as admin and VAS Linux Sysadmin on a TELCO Company in Rome.

In the past I was tech columnist for one of the first published Italian linux oriented magazine, Linux & Co. along with another monthly pubblication called Linux Facile (many memories :disappointed_relieved:)

So if you need help or anything else I’m here.

Nice to meet you guys :slightly_smiling_face:

Paolo Fornara


Me too :wink: I wrote some articles about Ubuntu. And you? Which were your area of interest?

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Hi - my name is Tom Böhm - I am from Austria
Usually I am in the Mac business, but since Apple is killing their, I am looking for alternatives (for me) and my customers.
So I switched to nethserver and am testing with my own domains at the moment.
I really impressed - great feeling so far :heart_eyes:


Hi @PerpetuumMobile ,
welcome to nethserver. If you have any problem don’t be shy to ask, we all try to help you.

Regards Michael

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I would love to hear your experiences with using Apple based clients with NethServer. In the past we had a discussion about this. Maybe it can get a new boost.

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I am not using Avahi by now.

At the moment I can tell you about mac aspects of the services that I am using:

X) Calendar - Contacts via SOGo
accessing form iOS devices via zpush
accessing form macOS via CaDAV / CardDAV (CalDAV / CardDAV is a little bit tricky to setup)
on minor problem: If phone numbers that have a custom label (not the default “work”, “private”… label) are not displayed at all

X) Mail
accessing form iOS & macOS vis IMAP - no problems

X) Nextcloud
the iOS integration is not as smooth as is should be

X) OpenVPN
VPN on demand works perfect on iOS :slight_smile:


Good morning everyone and @alefattorini thanks for welcoming us. I am glad being a member of this community. I fallen in loved since I first installed NethServer. I am little bit familiar with Linux and hope this community will help me out to dig more.

I looking for a NethServer guide book please share if have any or any tutorial that I can study and practice lab step by step. Sorry, I am slow learner.

Thanks again for everyone.


Hi Akil,

documentation and wiki are good starting points for learning and exploring:

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This looks like the latest “what are you working on”, so I guess I’ll mention it here: Getting Automx working/integrated to automate configuration of users’ email clients. See: