So, what are you working on? - 11 Dec 17

NethServer Family!!! :family_man_woman_boys:
It’s Monday again and this 2017 is ending… what’s your plan for the next weeks and Christmas holidays? :santa:
Personally, I’m working hard on a new NethServer Support Program and a new NethServer Newsletter Issue :writing_hand:
Do you know that StephDL hired as part-time developer by Nethesis? Jump in and show your love :slight_smile:

BUT!! Let me give a big warm welcome to our new members from this past week! :hand_splayed: :hand_splayed: :hand_splayed:
Make yourselves at home and consider this your safe space for any questions you have related to NethServer and sysadmin’s life.

This is an incredible, supportive and understanding community. We’re all here to help each other.


What’s on your plate???

I’d like to mention some big guys that are hanging around! @planet_jeroen @hector @EddieA @stephdl @federico.ballarini @dz00te @des @pa3hfj @silverdragon608 @maddin @vfrestrepo @delascosas what’s your plan?

I KNOW you don’t have a perfect English, me too. Don’t worry, we don’t care about your English
Trust me.


Meh, I’m no big guy … in no respect really :slight_smile:

I’m just an average windows sysadmin with a passion for opensource in general and Linux in particular. I’m absolutely not a guru of any kind, unless you count Google as an area of expertise :wink:

I AM able to find the right solution faster then the average person, even when I have no clue about the topic beforehand. And I have big enough balls to try things that are not all that well documented.

Once I released my small Enterprise install document, you get to judge how much I know about anything … if you then persist to call me big, I’ll just blush and say thank you :wink:


Shake hands @planet_jeroen#me2 (lol)
But I AM hooked on NethServer and this great community!

So, all new members, be VERY welcome here!!

For me, I am busy hunting down @mrmarkuz with delivering a new nethserver-savapage modul and doing a lot of testing on it myself…

Looking forward already to our community hangout dec 15th 17:30h CET
btw: anyone interested is welcome to join.


I will try to join the hangout! thanks @robb


You can join freely. We have this too

Hello everyone! I’m a Linux power user who likes to experiment with different stuff. Using Linux on all my devices - laptops, PCs, raspberry pi and my newest Asus Tinker Board. I’m a huge fan of open source software also.

My distro of choice is Void Linux as I really like cutting edge distros, but I also like to keep an eye on enterprise focused distros like NethServer. My first steps in Linux were with Slax back in 2011…

I joined the community because I want to help with translating the project into Bulgarian language, which is my mother tongue. If anyone want to join me in this, please reply me.


Welcome at home.

Good to know! Take a look at