So, here's what I'm working on ;)

Hello all,

I’m new here. Thank you for your welcome messages in this community, like : So, what are you working on? It’s cool.
You asked me what/how I use NS, here is the first answer.

To start, let me say that I’m an user of SME-Server since many years, at home, at work and for associations. I’m not developer, just a power user in padawan mode :wink:
I discovered NS few month ago, I’ve meet @stephdl at a FOSS meeting in France: Capitole du Libre.

I’m the holder of the project Mail2Voice. It’s an email client for people with disabilities like illiteracy, motor handicap, cognitive handicap or DYS. There are 3 developers to work on the code and I work on the public communication and the team tools.
And it’s for this needs that I’ve test NS and now we’re migrating on.
We were using a dedicated server with debian for our hostings, but it’s not so easy for me… With NS I found a ‘cpanel’ very more easy to use for admin tasks.

So I’ve just install NS on our dedicated server, and we already use vhosts for public website (Joomla!), wiki (dokuwiki) for devs, a board (kanboard), analytics (piwik).
I’ve install a Mumble server (Murmur) for our audio meetings.
We’ll use, and it will be new for us: Nextcloud (for team private shares), email hosting (perhaps with Sogo).
I like the account provider (ldap), the easy using for Let’s Encrypt, to do not restart the server after each updating, etc.
I still have a problem with Joomla! and SEF urls in https mode and with email hosting (I’ll open a new thread soon).

Here’s my first feedback after this NS discovery.
Please ask me more if you want precisions.




I think @apradoc will be thrilled to hear about your Mail2Voice for his friends in the Accessible World

Could you help the NethServer community with a howto to install Mail2Voice on NethServer?

Hi @robb,

Great tread, thanks for it.

Mail2Voice is a client mail, for workstations. And the actual release is only on Windows! We’re working on a cross platform version, but it still stay a client software…

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