Smarthost Graylist

NethServer Version: 7.5.1804
Module: Postfix

I have the current 7.5 running and created an internal and an external domain, the internal domain is also necessary because of the AD. Is there a possibility to change the primary domain to postfix, so that the SMTP header doesn’t contain a local address anymore? Apparently this leads some recipients to problems with graylisting and spam detection, which is actually nonsense, after my check there are many private IPs or something else in it, and even a headercheck does not cause big problems up to the local address. I send via Provider and Smarthost.
Which solution would you recommend to minimize problems?

You may try this:

or this:

Thanks a lot, I didn’t know this would fix the helo command.

You’re welcome. IIRC I had to use another SMTP banner (first one) with my smarthost, the custom helo didn’t help.

I had already set the banner before, so to speak the other way around.

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Thanks, I am going to retry the custom helo in my setup…

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Did the custom smtp banner solve your issue?

If yes please mark the answer that describes the solution: