Since support of ClearOS is lacking I'm exploring NethServer

Install and test it! How many clear installations?

I’m trying to doing some testing
Nethserver 7 is also based on Centos 7.9 as ClearOS, so my focus is on Nethserver 8 on Debian
Still not lucky to get it running, but give some more tries.

Currenlty running 3 ClearOS servers.

oh oh ohhhh… any gossip to share?

it’s not up to me to say anything about this on this forum
The ClearOS forum is self-explanatory

I wasn’t aware of that situation… I found that many clearos users need an alternative

Are you going fishing into that pond?

Nope, I’d like fishes in that lake to be aware that there is another lake to choose :slight_smile:

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Oh… i’d like many other things too… that don’t happen.

I am fairly surprised that ClearOS is still running.

I saw the writting on the wall with regards to their Support and Community Support just shortlyy after they made that major switch from 6 → 7. That’s pretty much why I jumped a couple of years ago to NethServer.

Surprisingly enough one of the ClearOS threads relating to on-mass IP Blacklisting is still has “active” contributions.

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I was a ClearOS user.

I like nethserver way more, especially for the people that are around here, pretty good folks! :slight_smile:

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We have @mrmarkuz @stephdl @Andy_Wismer @dnutan and other great people, they don’t!



Another thing i like a lot in here is that people tend to show you other stuff besides nethserver! :slight_smile:

Like this: :smiley:

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A long time ago in a land far away, I remember running some clearos servers.

I also remember getting smacked in the face during dodgeball in school.