"Simple Login" to hide mailing addresses

I would love to be able to disguise my mail addresses comparable to Fastmail or Apple through randomization/anonymization. So far I have done this with individual aliases on the mail server, but this is very uncomfortable.
With Simple Login an Open Source solution is available, but I’m not sure if it can be integrated into Nethserver.

Has anyone already had experience with it?

Sincerely, Marko

Ps.: By the way, I think this solution is also a good candidate for a NS8 module.

The path for the project homepage…

well, I posted it

The github page. Did not allow me to understand… enough.
The site of the project (not the source code published) helped me… a bit more :slight_smile:

I read the project page before and thought that the GitHub page is more important. Also, the link to the project page is in the header of the readme file. So I found all the information is together.

But the more important question is whether the project could be integrated into Nethserver.
Of course I could buy an account there. But that produces a dependency on a provider that I don’t want. With every use the lock-in effect increases. But as a self-hosted service I would find it very interesting.

It provides a docker container and could be used with nethserver-postgresql.
The main challenge is the postfix integration without affecting NethServer mailing.

There’s also AnonAddy as alternative.

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Yes, I know. But it’s not really an option to use an external service.

AnonAddy is self hostable like SimpleLogin, see the link I posted…

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Thnx, I only knew anoaddy only as an external service.