Simple Guide to create Shared Folder

System version
NethServer release 7.9.2009 (final)
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I’ve googled and read the manual and I still can’t get this to work. I want to run a shared folder on the system whose spec’s are above. It will be accessed byWindows 10 devices. Ideally, I’d like it to be available on the “outside” of the firewall, but I’d be satisfied if I could get it on the inside. Is there a REALLY basic howto that tells how to do this, I’ve tried loads and got nowhere, I’m clearly not the Linux hacker I thought I was :frowning:

Where exactly are you stuck?
A quick overview of the process could be:

Choose an account provider (to create and manage users)

If LDAP, everyone can access the shared folders (no permission control).
If AD, you can set ACL permissions (to apply access restrictions).

If an LDAP account provider is selected or there is no account provider at all, any access to shared folders is considered as Guest access so that everyone is allowed to read and write its content.

If Active directory is selected as account provider, a shared folder is owned by a group of users (Owning group). Each member of the group is allowed to read the folder contents. Optionally the group can be entitled to modify the folder contents and the read permission can be extended to everyone accessing the system. This simple permission model is based on the traditional UNIX file system permissions.

Access privileges can be refined further with the ACL tab, allowing individual users and other groups to gain read and write permissions.

Install File Server from Software Center

Create a shared folder

By default it should be accessible from GREEN network.

Enabling access to samba from RED network is generally a bad idea (it can be done editing access of smb service). Instead of this, better make users connect through VPN or use some other file access method (like Nextcloud...)



Agreed, giving access to red is a bad idea.

Configuring OpenVPN in nethserver is pretty easy its a good solution.

When dnutan means choose an account provider click in “User & Groups” and follow the wizard