Showing server-manager panels to a user

First of all I’m new here, and a very fresh new fan of nethserver.
I created new users but I can’t give privilege of admin for new users, I already gave a admin group(default group), but I cant access to all the functions of the dashboard.
Any idea?


*Sorry my english, I’m Portuguese

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Actually you have to do it manually.
See: User-delegated-Panel, think tank

But i suggest you a simpler solution: use two different passwords for admin and root, and give the admin access to a specific user.

I already did that, but I wanted other user with admin privilege.

How we do manually?

I have this new user in the admin group

But when I try to access with this user I only have the profile:

@davidep sorry to bother, but this is yours :smiley:

are you talking about admin privileges on web gui or on windows’ side?

in the first case, AFAIK, it’s not possible

It was in the first case, so it’s not possible OK, and yes the users is me. :smile:
Thanks a lot, what a amazing community.

It’s an interesting feature, I want it and we have already discussed but badly I don’t remember where :neutral_face:
@Paulo_Rodrigues I changed the category into “Feature” and modified the title.
How can we handle this? Can we achieve some thoughts?

the solution is quite simple and already here: just share admin credentials with users that need to login into web GUI

but how you share admin credentials with other users?? sorry if the questions is nub but I’m a nub to

well… fisrt of all I guess you need to give some users the possibility to login in web GUI to change some parameters… if so, since there’s no different access level (i.e. even if possible, all users loggin in will see all and could do everything), you have to give to delegate user(s) the admin password (different from the root’s one)

obviously you must trust the user(s)

I know now is noob not nub, lol sorry my english

As suggested by @Paulo_Rodrigues the starting idea might be quite simple, we need to permit a normal user to see just a few of existing panels, for example:

  • user/groups/email address - managing email accounts
  • dashboard - showing NethServer status
  • shared folders - managing fileserver

What about? I am keen to hear what others think

with that is amazing improvement, but some information I think is important to for example in the dasboard the information how much each user holds the file server in comparison to other users. which models the admin want them to see and so on…

Good, please don’t add other arguments here, we have already covered this topic with @sitz you can reply there:

We already have it, simply there is no GUI for the configuration.

Good to know! :smile: So the first big step is already done only remaining to craft the GUI.

from what I recall the file /usr/share/nethesis/NethServer/Authorization/base.json needs to be templated

I did a quick template sometime ago


Thanks for having started the job do you have any mockup or suggestion on howto designing the GUI?