Show activity during updates

I’ve read a couple posts about this before and I wondering if there has been an update I missed…

In Administration> Software Center> Updates there is a red Download and Install option. While it always works, the way it works is troubling. You click on it and you get no indication. The option stays red, it doesn’t dim/ghost out and there is nothing to indicate it is actually downloading and installing updates. If I remember correctly I had a similar experience with adding and editing packages. The first couple times I ran into this I thought I didn’t click the option correctly and would re-click it.

Is there any plan to add a status window/downloading % indicator/ a rotating cursor/something? Because I see the same lack of a ‘status’ window throughout the interface it makes me think this would be a rather large change/update.

This comment is said with the best of intentions and is not troll baiting.

Interesting. When I click on Update, I get a pop-up window showing the progress:



Wow, I’ve never seen that window. Maybe I have excessive browser pop-up/blocking. Thanks for the info.

You should always have this popup when installing packages… :no_mouth:
These are javascript popup so the browser can’t block them.

Can you please try to upgrade the entire system from the shell?

yum clean all
yum update -y

Also please post here the output of this command:

 rpm -q nethserver-httpd-admin

Can you try with a new incognito window disabling all the extensions?

Is the browser block javascript pop-up… Do you use Noscript?

Yup, the pop-up was blocked on my side. Thanks.

Now I need to check the other part of my gripe to see if that part is valid. I’m trying to recall the steps, essentially I added email, then came back later to add sogo functionality. As I remember it I never got an ‘adding packages/updating/notification’ After waiting awhile I went to add it (again) but saw it was added.