Sharing permissions

Hi all,
I want to give a certain permission to a user.
The permission is only to read a certain folder and not be able to write.

In the Shared Folder section I went to the spesific folder > ACL > found the user > gave read permission only.

In The general tab I gave write permission to owning group and read permission to exeryone

When i look in the security tab in the propertires of the folder I see that there are permissions only to what I configured in Nethserver.

After all that the user is able to write on the forbidden folder but not to change the file’s name which is in there.

Any ideas?

Which is the owning group?

Is he/she authenticating with the correct credentials? Which OS? If it is Windows, can you check the ACL from the Security tab within the Properties of the share?

Thw owning group is group no.1 and and the use is in group no. 2
Os is windows 10
I checked ACL and I see everything I configured in Nethserver

Can you check also unix permissions on the folder? You need to connect to your server via SSH, then (if for example the shared folder is named shared) go inside /var/lib/nethserver/ibay and check out the permissions for the main share. You should also be able to check full ACLs with getfacl.

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